There are 4.1 billion internet users in the world, according to the statistics published by HostingFacts. But just as everything in the internet is instant and fast, this number, which was first published in December 2018, is also increasing every day. In fact, in the middle of 2018, the number of internet users was only around 3.9 billion. It was also predicted that by 2019, 63.4 percent of all mobile phone users will also access the internet through their smartphones.

The above statistics should be enough reason for businesses to shop for top web design companies in order commission the most functional and well-designed website. Every business needs a great website if they want to be competitive. As the statistics suggest, people are active internet users. That only means that as a business, you have to be accessible to them. Having an attractive website design that is easy to navigate is easily half of the internet marketing work. As you shop for web agencies to create your website, there are some non-technical considerations you should be adamant that web design companies abide by.

Principles for best website companies to follow when creating a website

  1. Sense of purpose

Businesses aim to make money—everybody knows that. But a business with a sense of purpose will set it apart from its competitors. Find a web design and development company that understands your company’s more altruistic purpose and make sure that it will be reflected in the web page. But that sense of purpose should not be overdone, lest, people would think your page is not retail in nature. The top web design companies will know how to put a balance in the web design so that it will attract paying customers while also allowing them to see the business as more than just any other e-commerce entity.

  1. Clear communication

A website is a direct link between the business and its clients. The business conveys its products and services to its target market through the web page. The audience, on the other hand, communicates back by purchasing the product or service. Further communication ensues through reviews and comments that are usually in the web page. Make sure the page’s software development includes clear policies of two-way communication. A clear direct line entails that the business cares enough for its customers to hear what they have to say.

Business owners should coordinate with web design agencies in order to make communication clear. The texts on the website should be coherent and the message should be loud. Nothing should be subject to interpretation—unless that is what the business is about. Long sentences will only bore the audience so make sure that every text is on point. Communication is the most basic element of a great website. As a business owner, you want to tell your audience: Buy our product! Enjoy our service! A great digital marketing agency will help you convey that message across without being so brazen.

  1. Intelligent design

A beautiful website is important, but a web page cannot survive through looks alone. This is why it is very important that you hire a web design firm that understands the fundamentals of a smart web design. There are four important factors to consider: fonts, colors, images and layout. When it comes to fonts, it should be consistent with the font in your logo—if that is practical. If it is not entirely the same, it should at least be similar. But you can’t just use the font in your logo if it’s too stylized and it will no longer be practical on the web page. Remember that the goal is to convert web visitors to paying customers. So you don’t want to turn them off.

The colors should also be consistent with the business’s entire theme. Design firms, through research, know which colors will best attract visitors. The same with the images—the photos on the page should best describe what the business sells. Honesty is also very important. You can just present the best photos because you think that would attract clients. Your image and brand will take a hit if what you present in your web page is not what clients get in real life. The layout of the web page spells the difference between a top web design and an awful one. The best website companies know all the best strategies in creating a functional website, but a business owner should make sure that the business’s design brand is consistent.

  1. Easy navigation

An attractive web design will catch attention, but a page that can be easily navigated will convert a user to a buyer. Get your development company to hire a user experience (UX) designer to ensure that the web page is easy to maneuver. Internet users usually want instant gratification. So if your web page is not accessible, chances are the user will not stay on your page for long. The UX design is one way to sustain web visitors and even convert them into buyers. One principle of a good user experience is the three-click rule. This means that people navigating your page should be able to reach their desired destination in just three clicks. Now that is a job for the best website companies.

Small businesses & web design and development companies

Owners of small businesses are usually not easily sold on the idea of creating a website before the company makes it big. A website seems like a large investment when it is still uncertain whether the business will take off or not. But what entrepreneurs may not have taken into account is a website’s role in the success of a small business. It is actually the small businesses that need websites more so that they will be noticed. Online presence is very important in this generation where technology is everything.

Finding a great digital product design agency is going to be crucial. Find one that has a wide range of expertise like Ramotion—from branding, UI/UX design and development.

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