Automated binary options software or bots have taken a very important place in the binary options trading sector. A place that was formerly occupied by manual inputs. But nowadays you can simply let a robot specifically programmed for this job to make a prediction and do the trading in your place. Even though it seems convenient and easy, the obstacle is the rate of being scammed by these bot traders are getting higher and higher as the popularity of these bots increases. So, how do we find the right binary options robot? To find this answer we should read the best binary option robot review so that we know how to identify the legit software, we have to know what automated binary option really is.. Automated binary options software or robot is, as the name suggests, a computer program that performs the binary options trading by analyzing the data given by the users and chooses the best possible option available for you automatically. There are so many bots to choose from, some are free, and for some, you have to pay monthly or yearly subscription fees. OptionRobot is one of the very popular and free trading software.

Why OptionRobot?

OptionRobot is a leading binary options trading software. It is easy to use a design that implements up to 6 different indicators, makes it a one of a kind. It is absolutely free to use, and that is not even the best thing about it. OptionRobot is available for anyone living in any country. Also robots are used in home automation. This lack of restriction gives its users the freedom to use the bot from anywhere in the world anytime. To place a trade, you need to be connected with a broker for binary options trading. So, good thing that it is connected with nine online brokers like Binary Online, Option500, Stock pair, Greenfields, and etcetera. This gives users an advantage of options.

Even though it is automated software, the control OptionRobot provides to its users is unparalleled. You can decide the amount or expiry of your trades, and the bot will enter and exit them automatically. So. That you can choose the best deals for you yet, they will be placed and received by the bot.

Another great thing about OptionRobot is that it only focuses on the foreign exchange trades or forex currency pair’s trades. That may seem like limiting your options, but trust me. It actually helps to eliminate scams. Also, it supports only eight pairs of leading currency pairs like USD to EUR or USD to AUD, so that you can concentrate on the important deals.

OptionRobot has the inclusivity of adding up to 8 different binary options trades simultaneously, which maximize your chance of achieving profits. One important thing to note, the minimum amount of trading is 5 USD, and the maximum one is 1250 USD.

 Things to know before using OptionRobot:

Albeit, automated binary option trading services can calculate risk in a greater deal, it never is a hundred percent accurate! So if you rely entirely on the prediction that your bot makes for you, you may end up losing your entire account balance. Take help to decide from the bot, but don’t give up on your ideas and instincts. Always do your research and gather information from other websites and newspapers or television to get a more accurate analysis. Doing these manually will ensure a much safer trade.

As we’ve mentioned before, OptionRobot only allows eight foreign exchange currency pairs in its system, you will be able to find the valued trades easily. But still, you need to be careful while choosing. So try to go with low volatility forex currency pairs, just to be on the safer side.

Take advantage of OptionRobot’s free account service. You can practice your account managing skills on the free accounts before you make a bigger trade. We all know how greater profiting tasks also have a bigger risk of loss. So, don’t overtrade just because OptionRobot allows you to place eight different orders at the same time.

The length of any trade’s running time will entirely depend on your trading strategy. But the accuracy of the shorter period and also of the Fibonacci sequence is much greater and safer for you. It doesn’t mean that you can always stick to that strategy, as the emotional elements in trading are far too high. You can always have more consecutive losses. It can take a toll on you, but you should stop trading for that day and rethink your plan instead of giving up entirely.


Unlike many other binary options trading software, OptionRobot doesn’t put on a display of extravaganza. For false hopes and unnecessary promises only confuse and scam you, OptionRobot’s log in space is full of the information that is important to you. So, even though OptionRobot doesn’t promise you 100,000 on the first day, it does promise you a better chance and a greater experience.

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