As a business owner, it’s such an excellent idea to use social media to get your promote your products and services. However, it’s best to note that social media can be both a gift and a curse. You’re going to have a mix of people who follow you. Many of your followers will absolutely love everything about you. However, there will be many others who don’t like you. When you take a look at the accounts of major public figures, there are fake accounts and negative people who will continuously rear their ugly heads. However, most people don’t have to deal with that scrutiny when they’re outside of the public eye. Even still, as a business owner, it’s so important for you to realize that there are still people who will not want to engage with you on your page. While it might seem hurtful when you’re trying to build a brand, take it as flattery. There are those who follow you so they can see what you’re up to, but they have no intentions of supporting you. These people are considered spectators. It’s best for you to ignore them. As you work to develop a brand with use of social media, you’ll learn to develop your strength. Social media will give you a tough skin if you let it. Even with its fair share of negativity, there is so much to learn from this incredible space. Knowing that you have these tools at your fingertips, consider the practical ways you can use social media in order to make your professional dreams all come true.

Go with the platform you resonate with the most

While you should choose a platform where your target audience hangs out, it’s also important to use a platform that really resonates with you. If you’re a lover of LinkedIn or Snapchat, start building and developing content on one of those platforms. Focus your energy in one direction so that you can be the most effective. As you’re able to get new clients and business, you can hand over the efforts to a social media manager. The social media manager can be the one who will spend most of their time managing the digital footprint of the company. As you make the transition, just make sure there’s a sense of cohesiveness within the language. After following you for a while, your followers will know when it’s not your voice.

Pay attention to your statistics

There are tons of people who are ashamed to look at the numbers. There are ultra-spiritual marketers who try to shame people who pay attention to the details of statistics. Truthfully, you’ll need to know your numbers if you’re trying to develop your platform. This will help you in your quest to consistently improve. Pay attention to the times that your posts get the most traction (morning, evening, etc). It’s also important to take note of which posts resonate the most with other people. If you’re a salon owner, people will love to see pictures of the haircuts you do at your salon each day. Seamlessly integrate your work within your marketing.

Make sure your content resonates with your audience

If you’re selling candles, think about other topics that go along with candles. While you should sell your candles on your platform, don’t become one-sided and boring. Candles tend to be considered lifestyle items. Knowing this, you can consider creating a lifestyle brand in support of your candle company. Partner with different influencers in the influencer community who will be willing to help you run various campaigns with your candles. Send them a candle along with a quick blurb of questions they can answer within a video post. As you gain traction from major influencers, other people will want to join the party and answer the questions. This is a simple way to engage new audience.

Be relevant

Each day, take a look at the trending topics. Find ways to insert yourself into the conversation surrounding those relevant issues. Do this without appearing overly narcissistic. If the trending topic involves someone’s death, be sure to avoid any controversy. With sensitive subjects, it’s a lot better to err on the side of caution. If you’re going to comment, offer your respectful condolences. Otherwise, the trending topics tend to be anything from what’s going with the latest celebrity to a new meme inspired by the most recent viral joke. If you can find a way to incorporate your content into the mix, your brand will appear relevant because you’re actively engaging in an ongoing conversation. If your platform of choice is a Twitter and you’re naturally witty, showcase your humor. People aren’t necessarily attracted to stunning brands with perfect flat-lays and polished photoshoots. Instead, showcase your professionalism and your ability to have fun. Attractiveness will get a person through the door, but your brand’s content and personality will keep them.

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