In Australia, you might see advertisements or overhear your friends discussing period underwear, but you’re still unsure what they do and how they operate in Australia. 

Period underwear in Australia is a new period product made for menstruating women. Like pads, cups, and tampons, period proof underwear in Australia is designed to keep you dry and leak-free. Period underwear, which absorbs blood from your menstrual cycle and is reusable, comes in various absorbency levels in Australia.

What is the purpose of period underwear? 

While there are numerous types to choose from, most use absorbent material to trap your blood flow. Period underwear usually has a moisture barrier and a layer to keep you dry and avoid leaking. Some companies even apply a fragrance coating. Typically, one to two tampons’ worth of flow is held in period underwear.

How to Wear Menstrual Underwear 

Period underwear is just like regular underwear in terms of fit and function. When you’re menstruating, put on a pair. You can use them like they are or as an additional layer of protection if you’re using tampons. If you’ve been using tampons for a long time, you might have to adjust your menstrual bleeding. 

Your flow determines the length of time you can wear menstruation underwear. You can generally wear them longer if you’re experiencing a light-flowing day, but if your stream is at its heaviest, you may have to change your menstrual underwear regularly. To reduce odor and leaking, it’s best not to wear the same pair for further than 12 hours. You may require five to seven sets of period underwear, depending on your cycle. While designed for menstrual flow, period panties can also be worn for urine incontinence, discharge, and postpartum haemorrhage. If you only need them for urine leaks, you should look for a solution that is specifically intended for that purpose.

What to Keep an Eye On 

Try on a pair of period panties on your lightest flowing day if you’re unsure if they’re good for you. Try them on the weekend or while you’re at home. If they don’t fit well or there’s a leak, you’ll feel better at ease dealing with them at home. Then, if you’re committed to using period-proof underwear in Australia, try out a few various brands without investing in a whole new pair. Before making a purchase, do your homework. What level of absorbency do you require? How are the web reviews for the brand?

Check to see if one suits you better but is more absorbent. There are more aspects to consider in addition to selecting if period underwear is right for your body and menstrual flow. Period underwear might assist reduce waste if you’re worried about the environment. The average menstrual person is believed to use up to 15,000 pads or tampons in their lifetime. Try switching to period underwear if you’re having trouble with irritation from standard menstruation pads. There’s also the argument that wearing period underwear saves money. 

You should consider the price of underwear and pads to see if it’s a worthwhile investment.

Overall, you should feel secure and confident when wearing period underwear. You should feel at ease if your underwear is performing as it should. They’re supposed to keep people dry and safe.

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