People find love in all different ways and places. Just because someone is in prison doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love. Many people reach out to inmates as a means of helping, offering hope, and treating them as people who deserve interaction. Too often, when people go to prison, they are ignored by family and friends due to the embarrassment attached to the crime that landed them in jail.

Inmates are to rehabilitate while imprisoned and being abandoned by their family can make them feel hurt and unable to move forward mentally and emotionally. Inmates are broken and need love to pull themselves back together and move forward with their lives after prison.

A romantic relationship with an inmate doesn’t always start as someone looking for an inmate to love, even though that is often how it’s presented in media, movies, and books. Instead, it’s usually open and kind-hearted people trying to help that fall in love when they see the true human nature of the inmate they are helping or visiting.

If you have fallen in love with someone who is incarcerated, it’s essential to understand their background fully. While this isn’t to deter you from the relationship, you may discover some things that you didn’t previously know, and it may impact your decision.

While your love interest may be as honest and sincere as they present themselves to be, they may also be trying to deceive or manipulate you. This is true for any dating prospect; there is no harm in running a background check to make sure they are open and honest about their past.

Running a background check can provide peace of mind that he or she is someone you can trust. Trust has to be the basis of a stable relationship, and, understandably, you may need to gain that trust through verification.

You can get a background check free online that will provide mugshots and information about past arrests and convictions. You will be able to see what your partner was charged with and what they were convicted of, which may be different than what they told you. Anything that is public record is available through an online search, which is more comfortable than trying to submit a record request through the county or law enforcement agency.

Certain laws on requesting records state that as long as the record isn’t directly related to an active investigation or public safety, it’s public record, which means it should be made available to anyone that requests the information. Records are often made available through online databases that each department can submit their data into, which cuts down on demand for records placed on each department.

Additionally, you can use the information you find to help your partner. You can help them reconnect with friends and family, make amends for their crimes, or get through an appeal process. Inmates’ access to information is minimal while incarcerated. Most state jail programs do not allow inmates to get on the internet; instead, they are provided with books and sometimes email on specialized secure servers.

With the limited access to information, you can help your love in many ways, and that may start with a background check. You can also use the information you find to ensure your love’s lawyer is taking the appropriate steps to work through appeals or other special requests.

Relationships are hard, regardless of how and where they start. It is vital to be proactive and start from the beginning building a foundation of trust.

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