There are many kinds of computers on the market now. The manufacturers are also mixed. Many users do not know how to evaluate a computer. Many users know how to evaluate graphics card performance and CPU performance. This article will bring you a method to evaluate a computer’s storage device.

Storage devices are divided into two types. One is memory and the other is hard disk.

Memory determines how many programs can be run simultaneously on the computer. There are also many large games or professional software. This software has some requirements on the size of memory. When using them, they will exert a certain load on the memory. For example, PUBG requires 8G of memory. Computers with less than this memory may not be able to open the game at all. There are two specifications of memory on the market. One is DDR3 and the other is DDR4. DDR4 is now the mainstream in the market. And DDR3 has been gradually eliminated. The frequency of memory chips is also different, 2133, 2400, etc. But this does not have much impact on the user’s experience. Although the higher the frequency, the better. The user cannot feel any difference when using it. The user can insert another memory module without replacing it if the memory is not enough. This is different from graphics cards and CPU. They can only be replaced, not installed. One thing to note is that most of the memory on light and thin laptops is welded to the computer. It cannot be replaced or added. Before purchasing, you must think clearly about how much to buy.

How much a user can save depends on the size of the hard disk. There are two specifications for hard disks. One is mechanical hard disks and the other is solid state hard disks. Mechanical hard disks have two specifications on the market. One is 5400 revolutions and the other is 7200 revolutions. But both are slow. The speed of solid-state hard disks is fast. Generally, about 5-10 times that of mechanical hard disks. Users do not need to know each one clearly. Most computer manufacturers will purchase the same manufacturer in large quantities when purchasing hard disks. There is basically no choice. Users only need to remember that solid-state drives are faster and smaller than mechanical drives. It is less likely to be damaged. Of course, it is more expensive.

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These are all the points of this article. I hope this article can bring corresponding help when users buy computers.

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