Instagram has evolved into a major social application for e-commerce. The application stands tall, with over 1 billion monthly active users. Almost 85% of globally renowned apparel and cosmetics brands are present on Instagram. This is because Instagram is witnessing a rise in its user base consistently. The seamless increase in its user base has made it an inevitable platform for B2C marketing. Today, Instagram enjoys a vast userbase across all the countries. It is among the top three in the list of most used social applications in all the developed and developing countries. It is anticipated to gain Facebook’s spot as the social platform with the most number of users in a year or two. Here, we break down the measures that will help in elevating your sales on Instagram.

Improve Sales At Zero Investment:

Today, organic reach has declined mostly across all the leading social applications. If you want to improve the visibility of your post, you have to do paid promotions. Thus, you are prompted to spend a considerable cost to get a return. Unlike other major social applications, you can enhance your post’s visibility and achieve higher sales on Instagram. The Explore Tab on Instagram is known for elevating the organic reach of your posts. Trollishly is a social media marketing service that is as efficient as this tab.

Here, I let you know how the Explore Tab will function. Every Instagram user will have this tab ‘The Explore Tab,’ as part of his application. In this tab, he can explore fresh content. Instagram will curate this explore tab based on a user’s previous activities and interests. We shall consider that you own a cosmetics brand. There are many Generation Z on Instagram, who are actively following the pages of beauty brands. Since the user’s interest is towards these products, possibilities are there for your posts to appear in his explore tab. Thus, through this tab, you can generate new leads for your posts and enhance your posts’ visibility rate. Notably, you will gain qualified leads who can easily turn towards your products. Hence, the process of reaching your target audience has been streamlined with the Explore Tab.

However, your post must cater to some of the criteria set by Instagram to get into the explore tab of your target audience’s account. The primary essential factor is that the image should have a scintillating color combination that could easily please people’s eyes. Then if any of your posts have received more likes and comments than your usual posts, Instagram will consider it for the explore tab. Thus, the posts comprising these two factors can get into the explore tab of people who could quickly be intrigued by your posts. The fact you must note down is that you don’t have to spend even a single penny to get into the explore tab. Once your post gets into this tab, its visibility will rise at a fast pace. So, crafting your posts according to the explore tab will help primarily for uplifting your business.

Choose Your Influencers Easily:   

Influencer marketing has gained importance as the primary marketing tactic across all social applications. Influencer marketing is becoming more crucial because this sort of marketing has provided better results than other sorts of marketing tactics. Influencers are individuals on this social application who have earned a fanbase by providing intriguing content. So, brands are using these influencers as a pathway to take their products to their target audience. Since the influencers have earned people’s credibility, it is a bit easier task for them to make people buy a product. The influencer marketing industry is anticipated to grow up to $ 22.3 billion worth industry by 2024. Instagram is currently home to a large number of influencers. There are many budding content creators on this social application who are anticipated to earn huge followers in the coming years.

Since there are many influencers on this social application, many brands find it hard to pick the right one for them. To sort this out, Instagram has rolled out the Instagram influencer dashboard, which gives deep insights about the influencers on Instagram. You can go through the data, such as the niche of an influencer and his posts’ engagement rate, which will help you find whether an influencer will suit your brand. Joining hands with influencers in your niche will make you accomplish your sales goals easily. For instance, if you are selling gym related products, you can collaborate with the muscle builders on Instagram. Thus, you could easily approach your target audience through them. So, the influencer you collaborate with will play a dominant role in uplifting your business. With the Instagram influencer dashboard, you can wisely choose your influencer. So, take advantage of this dashboard and drive your growth.

The Advent Of Instagram Reels:  

Instagram has recently introduced reels. This feature is the duplication of TikTok. Reels possess the exact characteristics of TikTok. If you are unaware of the potential of TikTok, it is the social application that gained a vast reach that it was able to compete with Facebook within three years since its launch. Today, Instagram has introduced a new feature with similar characteristics. Hence, it will further elevate the user base of this social application. These Instagram reels are short-duration videos that have a running length of 15 seconds. Notably, Generation Z is mostly fond of short-length videos. They are mainly consuming videos that are shorter in duration. So, if you are looking to promote a product to Generation Z, you can do it through Instagram reels. TikTok is facing a downfall in its user base on the grounds of various accusations, such as handing over the user data to China.

Recently, India has moved further and banned the application in its country. Since the future of TikTok is bleak, even the influencers who are having millions of followers in it are making a shift into Instagram. Thus, this will prompt their followers to move into Instagram. All these factors will improve the user base of Instagram. So, Instagram is evolving into a platform where you can find many leads for your brand.

Tighten The Bond Through Instagram Stories:

Instagram Stories can be capitalized on as a tool to make people stay with your brand. Marketing experts have stated that every Instagram user follows nearly 8-10 e-commerce brands on Instagram. You can use the Instagram stories section to give importance to your brand over other brands. As the Instagram stories appear as soon as a person log-in to Instagram. These stories have a 3x higher visibility rate than the usual posts. So making frequent updates on Instagram stories with intriguing content will help you hold your customers closer.

Wrapping Up:

Instagram is a social application that has become the powerhouse of social media marketing. This is due to the continuous rise in the user base of this social application. So, choosing this platform for B2C marketing is a wiser move.

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