You might have noticed your workout performance varies from one day to the next. You might go from roaring and ready to go one day to easily tired and sluggish the next day.

Actually, many factors can impact your workout attitude, and believe it or not, your choice of gym wear is one of those.

Comfort is of the utmost importance when you are working out. It dictates your level of motivation, how well you can perform certain exercises, and even the chances of you being injured while working out. Therefore, choosing the right clothes to wear during a workout is important. This article will list down the other factors that you should consider when buying workout clothes.

The right fit

Obviously, your first consideration should always be the fit. Choosing loose and comfortable clothes will allow you to move freely during a workout, but make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of your activity.

If you plan to go biking, for example, avoid pants that are too loose so that they won’t get tangled with the pedal. For activities that need a lot of bending and stretching like yoga or Pilates, wear fitted and stretchy clothes that allow a comfortable flow of your movement.

The right fabric

When choosing the right gym wear, look into the type of fabric of your clothes. Some fabrics could absorb the sweat, while others are known to be “moisture-wicking,” or fabrics that pull the sweat from your skin and quickly dry it out so that the fabric won’t absorb the sweat. Clothing made from moisture-wicking fabrics is good for activities wherein you will sweat a lot.

Workout clothes made of cotton, on the other hand, tend to feel heavy and would get wet easily because cotton absorbs sweat from your skin and soaks the fabric. As such, you should minimize the use of this type of clothing. Likewise, avoid clothes made out of rubber and plastic-based materials because they tend to keep you from sweating and increase your body temperature.

Change with the season

As with your normal wardrobe, your workout clothes should also change with the season, especially if you do outdoor activities where you will be exposed to harsh elements.

During warm weather, choose clothing that is not only cool and comfortable, but is also made from fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. The colour of your clothes may also affect how comfortable you will be. Some studies show that since lighter color reflects more light wavelengths, heat energy will be reflected and make light-colored clothes cooler to wear.

On the other hand, when the weather is cold, you should dress warmly and in layers. Dressing in layers allows you to remove pieces of clothing once your heart rate and body temperature start to increase.

For example, you could use clothes made from moisture-wicking fabrics near your skin and layer-insulating clothes on top of it to protect you from the cold. It is also advisable to wear a bonnet, ear muffs, and mittens to protect your head, ears, and hands from the extreme cold.

During the rainy season, always bring extra clothing to protect you from the elements. Consider for example thin ponchos that still allow your skin to breathe while you move comfortably.

When it comes to the clothes you wear when working out, research shows that what you wear impacts your level of performance. They will help alter your mindset, make you feel comfortable, protect you from the natural elements.

Moreover, great workout clothes are also durable and will last longer. Just keep in mind these when you splurge on your next gym clothes shopping.

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