With a total area of over 190 square miles, Colorado Springs is not only the most expansive city in El Paso County but the state of Colorado as well. Given its location at the base of the Rocky Mountains, the city boasts of remarkable landscapes, interesting rock formations, and distinct geological features that attract numerous tourists every year. 

Apart from the beautiful outdoors, The Springs is also recognized for affordable housing, high quality of life, a notable educational system, and strong community life. As such, the city always figures prominently in the list of best places to live in the United States. 

This thriving city may offer practically everything necessary for residents to live comfortably and happily. It is unfortunate, though, that its suicide rate is the second-highest among the major cities in the country. Experts believe that depression is the underlying cause of this public health issue. 

If you’re one of the many residents in the city with a loved one suffering from depression, perhaps it is time to consider seeking family therapy in Colorado Springs in addition to the usual individual counseling. Pursuing this type of therapeutic approach can help the depressed member and the entire family in the following ways:

It Enhances Family Engagement

While most of you may feel sympathetic about a depressed loved one, you and the rest of your family may not fully understand what the patient is going through. As such, all of you would likely assume that helping your loved one seek professional treatment is enough when, in reality, your support is needed more than ever.

It is challenging to know the type and level of support you need to give to the patient if you are unaware of his/her thoughts and needs. This ambivalence can be resolved during family therapy sessions as the therapist will guide all of you toward a better understanding of the roles you play in the healing of your depressed loved one. Once you understand your part, you will feel more committed and invested in the recovery of the patient.

It Helps Improve Communication

Family therapy will also help you in determining specific challenges on how you communicate and interact with each other that may have contributed to the depression of the patient. For instance, a parent who tends to utter harsh and critical words when the depressed member stays out all night may actually be anxious and overly concerned about the member’s safety and does not know how to express her feelings well.

The real meaning behind the actions and words will be brought to light during therapy. Apart from gaining insight on your relationship as a family, the counselor will also help you learn better communication skills and other healthy ways to interact with each other.

It Reviews and Mends Unhealthy Family Behavior

Family therapy does not automatically resolve past and present conflicts. Still, it can help your family to pinpoint unhealthy behavior patterns that need to change not only to help the depressed patient but to improve family relationships as well.

For example, all of you may resort to blaming and anger whenever a problem is raised that the issue remains unsolved, without anyone realizing this unhealthy pattern. A trained therapist can see such detrimental coping skills and suggest ways to overcome them. 

Given how depression impacts the entire family, you will find that seeking family therapy in Colorado Springs can be useful to address the issue, as discussed above. Find a reputable psychotherapy clinic that offers this approach so that you do not have to suffer the tragic outcomes experienced by many families in the city.

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