Often in our lives, we have to make hard choices to move forward or to solve a particular scenario. While many of us believe that tarot cards are only for forecasting the future, these cards can also help when torn between two options that we have to decide. The OnlineTarotReadings.Net emphasized that there are so many complexities in tarot card readings than describing what may happen when choosing a particular option.

When it comes to tarot card reading, remember that this doesn’t give definite answers to our questions. Instead, it will provide insights and advice on the situation. They can highlight the positive or even negative factors. They can also offer a glimpse if it is right to move with a particular decision or reevaluate your options.

Here are some of the tarot cards and its meaning when it comes to decision-making matters:

Two of Wands

This tarot card means that at this point, you are on an early phase of your life faced with choices that will affect your long-term plans and directions. This card is a positive card-your direction that means good outcome, but you need to think further about the choices you will choose and take to your life first.


A Major Arcana card, the Judgment card, portrays that you are on a significant turning point in your life, and here, you evaluate the actions and decisions you’ve made and its consequences. With this, you will make a significant decision which of these are the things that you will continue and which will not. This card also portrays that you have learned so much in your life’s journey.


Like in a real-life setting, the Justice card interprets that you are seeking truth, fairness, and determining which is right or wrong. In the decision-making process, this means that you have to weigh and be particular on the different sides of the story and make a decision or choice that is fair and just.

Queen of Swords

Compared to other cards, the intellectual power of the Queen of Swords provides a clearer path amidst all the choices you have, making it a symbol of you sticking to a decision. However, it encourages you to use your head and not your heart in deciding, and commit your very best to that decision.


A symbol of determination, the Chariot portrays that once he has a decision, he will give his all to overcome challenges, struggles, and setbacks that can hinder in reaching his aspirations. Your tarot reading means preparing all of your willpower, determination, and eagerness to remain your commitment to your choice.

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords represents a feeling of being indecisive and being caught in two or more choices that seem as good or bad as the other. If you see this, it encourages you to gain more information and perspective to get the clarity you need to make your final choice.

Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups portrays that in your path, there are so many options available for you, and you spend so much time weighing on these choices that you become stuck and unable to move forward. With this, it is an encouragement to pick yourself, stand up, and choose based on the current information and opportunities you have or can get.

Ace of Swords

This card interprets that there is a better clarity that encourages you to take instant action and commit to a particular path. It indicates new information or perspective came to you that will empower you to act definitively.

Hanged Man

Unfortunately, the Hanged Man means you had a decision that you are not comfortable. Yet you did because you were probably at the mercy of other people’s actions, and the only way you can free yourself from it is to make tough yet necessary choices.


This card actively welcomes the domination of what inside your mind over your emotions. In facing difficult choices, it encourages you to concentrate more and focus. Moreover, it boosts you to push ahead and do what you think is best.

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