It’s finally spring break. Time to relax, enjoy the sun, and have fun with the family. If you have teenage kids, then you know that they look forward to this break for all the opportunities it may bring. They may get a new job, meet new friends, and receive good news about their favorite colleges. Other times, they may be out of ideas on what to do for this break. So, here are some ideas to help you and your teen have a great spring break.

Have a party

If your teenager is anything like many kids in the U.S., they love to party. Parties are a part of the culture, and it’s a great way to relieve the stress that’s been building up during the school year. So, why not throw your teen a party? You can contact Clowns4Kids for SkeeBall rental so the teens can enjoy a competitive game of Skee-Ball. Skee-Ball is a fun game where you throw a ball so it knocks down the pins on the other side of a 10-foot long alley. You can have prizes for the winners in each of the matches.

Fill out college applications

Another thing you can do is fill out college applications for your teen’s choice of college. They may want to go to an Ivy League or they may want to go to a community college. Whatever their choice is, you can meet with a college admission guidance counselor to help them go through this process. They will help your child navigate the different steps to apply for college, internships, and even start-up businesses through personalized and professional admissions counseling. They also offer services for college admission reviews, essay editing, and financial planning assistance.

Go on a picnic

Moreover, you can plan to go on a picnic with your family. Picnics aren’t as hard to plan as people think they are. All you need is a location, a blanket to sit on, food, and a loving family. You can have a picnic at the beach, in the woods, at a park, or even in your backyard. For food, sandwiches or simple finger food is enough for the occasion. You can take boxed juices or a jug for the whole family. All that’s left to do is put everything together and have fun.

Organize sports events

If your teen loves sports, then maybe you can organize a sports event or a field day. You can invite other kids from their school or from the community to participate and cheer on their teams. You can ask the city for sponsorship for medical or security services, private food companies for snacks or water, and even school coaches, who provide their services for free sometimes. Whatever sport your teen is into, be sure to cheer them on and let them have the time of their lives. Activities like these can help kids make new friends and improve their physical and mental abilities as well. They can learn a lot about working in a team and about the value of sportsmanship, which can be applied throughout their lives.

Go on a trip

Lastly, you will want to take advantage of this free time and go on a trip with your family, as the family can use some time together. As much as the teens think they’re annoyed, they will eventually have fun. Not everything is about video games and junk food. Choose your destination as a family and ask your kids to find things they want to do and propose to them during dinnertime. Pick out the best options for everyone to enjoy and set the date.

These ideas will help your teen have a great spring break outside the comfort of the couch.

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