Plumbing is an essential component of every household. Whether your focus is on your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, you want to make sure you are prepared for the fall and winter seasons. 

By taking the time to ensure that your plumbing systems are ready for the rush of colder weather, you can help prevent pipe freezing and bursting, as well as water leaks from frozen seals. Here are some simple things you can do to prepare your plumbing system for the cold season:

Apply insulation to your water pipes

Now that colder temperatures are here, you should consider insulating the pipes in your home. This step will help prevent your hot and cold water heating systems from freezing and prevent damage to your plumbing. The insulation acts as a barrier between your pipes and the cold air outside, helping to keep heat inside your home longer. Consult your local plumber regarding the right type of insulation material to use for your pipes at home. 

Seal air leaks around your home

Seal air leaks to protect your plumbing during the cold season and save money on your heating bills. Air can escape through poorly insulated or missing windows, doors, walls, attic accesses, etc. 

Check your water heater

A properly functioning water heater will guarantee a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your house, but you want to make sure it is ready to use this fall and winter before the snow starts flying. With proper maintenance, such as cleaning sediment from the bottom of the tank and replacing internal components, you can rely on your water heater to provide your household unlimited hot water for daily use. 

Turn off outdoor plumbing

In the fall and winter months, you can prevent pipes from freezing or bursting by shutting off water to outside faucets. This includes your outdoor spigots as well as your lawn sprinklers.

Fix water leaks

Fixing a water leak now will help you prevent far more costly damage later. And it is always easier and less expensive to fix a water leak before fall and winter set in. A dripping faucet wastes two gallons of water a day, which adds up to 4,700 gallons a year. Fix that dripping faucet before it becomes a major problem.

Clean your gutters and drainpipes

Gutters are often forgotten until fall and winter, but it’s important to keep them clean all year round. That’s because the grime and debris that build up in your gutters can eventually cause leaks into your home or business, damaging your property and endangering the health of your family. When it comes to preventing these problems, nothing works better than cleaning your gutters before fall arrives.

Call a professional Murrieta plumber

Make sure that your plumbing is ready for the cold season. Do not hesitate to ask for the help of your local Murrieta plumber. Partnering with a licensed, skilled, and experienced company in Murrieta is the best way to save time and money. Get a quote now!

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