Replacing windows is an important step in the renovation of a house or apartment. Many people decide to replace their windows based on various factors such as comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. Quality windows provide warmth and comfort and reduce heating costs. It is important to choose a professional service for a successful window replacement.

If you want to find out how much it will cost to replace your windows in Yellowknife, consult an expert. Remember, choosing the right windows is an investment in the comfort and future of your home.

Window selection

Choosing windows is an important step when building or renovating a new home. Here is a brief introduction to the different types of windows:

Vinyl windows


  • Cost: plastic windows are generally more economical.
  • Insulation: they keep the heat inside the room.
  • Durability: They are resistant to rot and do not require regular painting.


  • Fewer design options: there is less variety in style.
  • Fire hazard: plastic can melt at high temperatures.

Wooden windows


  • Environmentally friendly: 100% natural materials.
  • Repairable: easy to paint by yourself.
  • Insulating properties (requires proper care).


  • Regular renewal of the protective coating: requires careful painting.
  • Few design options.
  • Fire hazard.

Aluminum windows:


  • Durability: heavy load bearing.
  • Thermal insulation (warm profile variants).
  • Protection against theft.


  • Poor insulation (cold profiles).
  • High price.

The choice of window depends on your preference, budget, and climatic conditions. For most homeowners in Yellowknife, vinyl windows are usually the best choice.

Cost calculation

A window and door costing tool is available on the Canglow website. This tool helps to estimate the cost of replacing windows. The main parameters are as follows

Window size: enter the dimensions of the window to get a more accurate estimate.

Color: choose the color of the window frame.

Number of sashes: specify the number of sashes in the window (e.g. one or two).

Opening type Select the opening type (e.g. rotary window, sliding window, blind window).

In addition, consider the following options:

Sill: sill: an additional window sill can be added to enhance the appearance and functionality of the window.

Sill: A sill can increase the thermal insulation of the window and enhance its appearance.

Sill: the sill prevents moisture from getting under the window.

To calculate the cost of window replacement taking into account all parameters, use the calculator on the Canglow website.

Price categories

In the world of window construction, Canada offers a wide range of prices. Here is a brief overview of the main ones:

  • Economy: These windows are usually offered at a lower price. However, they may have limited features and materials. They are suitable for low budgets but do not guarantee high quality.
  • Optima: cost-effective windows. They usually offer average functionality, reliable materials, and reasonable cost. The best choice for most homeowners.
  • Premium: windows with the highest levels of quality and innovation. They are more expensive but offer superior energy efficiency, durability, and style. Premium windows are suitable for those who value high performance and comfort.

Selection tips

Compare characteristics: examine technical parameters such as insulation, soundproofing, and durability.

Consider the climate: The climate in Canada is highly variable. Choose the right windows for your region.

Read reviews: Search for reviews of manufacturers and suppliers on platforms.

Remember to consider your needs and budget when choosing windows.

Installation and delivery

Professional window installation is essential for the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. The harsh climate in Yellowknife requires special attention to insulation, so proper window installation plays an important role.

Canglow offers high-quality vinyl and fiberglass windows; Canglow windows are made in Canada and offer energy efficiency, style, and reliable thermal protection.

Services include.

  • Window replacement: a variety of window styles to suit every home.
  • Gap and heat loss prevention: old windows lose heat. Replacing them with new triple-glazed or inert windows can save you money.
  • LoE-coated glass: reflects sunlight in summer and keeps heat out in winter.

Examples from Canglow reviews.

“Professional installation and quality windows. Highly recommended.”.

“Thanks to Canglow I can forget about drafts and cold. I am very satisfied. 

Canglow guarantees reliable installation and a comfortable life!

Self-replacement of windows

Do-it-yourself window replacement is an important issue for homeowners, but both capabilities and limitations need to be taken into account. Here we explain what is worth knowing:

The advantages of replacing windows yourself

  1. Savings: you can save on professional service fees.
  2. Flexibility: You have control over the process and schedule of the work.
  3. Satisfaction: you get the satisfaction of completing the work yourself.

Limitations of replacing windows yourself:

  1. Complexity: Replacing windows requires specific skills and tools.
  2. Accuracy: Improper installation can lead to leaks, drafts and reduced efficiency.
  3. Warranty: Replacing windows yourself may void your warranty.

Reasons not to replace windows yourself

  1. Professionalism: quality installation by experienced professionals.
  2. Safety: Incorrect installation can have serious consequences.
  3. Longevity: professionally installed windows last longer.

In short, if you lack experience and skills, leaving window replacement to professionals will ensure the reliability and comfort of your home.

In conclusion, this article can be summarized as follows

  • Window replacement costs: In 2024, the cost of installing windows starts at US$270. This is an important consideration when planning a budget for window upgrades.
  • Window options: There are a variety of window options in Yellowknife, including plastic, aluminum, and skylights. Choose according to your preference and energy efficiency.
  • Installation and replacement services: In addition to window replacement, Craftsman offers services such as balcony unit installation, restrictor installation, and cat protection1.

Advice for homeowners.

When planning a window replacement, ask a professional for advice and a quote.

Evaluate window options based on climate and energy efficiency.

Consult Canglow for reliable window installation.

Create a more comfortable and efficient home with quality windows!

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