When the work from home setup started, you thought you would have more time to relax. You don’t have to go to a physical office, and you can manage your time. The problem is that even if you follow this setup, you still have to attend meetings. Zoom meetings became the norm, and they’re taking too long at times. Your schedule gets destroyed because of lengthy meetings. The worst part is that you can’t focus anymore. While you’re still attending the meeting, your mind is elsewhere. If it’s taking too long, these tips will help you stay focused.


Prepare for the meeting

You already know that there will be a lengthy meeting. Therefore, you have to prepare for it. Sleep early the night before. Avoid doing unnecessary activities. Imagine that it’s an actual meeting in an office and you have to maintain the same professional level.

Find something to eat

Eating during a meeting might be unprofessional, but it already became a norm during Zoom meetings. After all, you’re at home. No one can stop you if you want to eat. The good thing is that you feel energized when you’re eating. You don’t feel deprived. It’s easier to focus and continue with the discussion even if it’s taking too long. Even you can record Zoom meeting without permission by using some Apps.

Relax before the meeting starts

If you give yourself enough time to relax before the meeting starts, it will be easier for you to focus. It would be nice to spend time relaxing in a wonderful freestanding bath in your house. It’s also an excellent way to reward yourself. Even if the meeting goes overtime, you won’t mind it.

Put your phone away

It’s easy to get distracted when your phone is close to you. Don’t allow anything to distract you. Notifications from your phone might prevent you from focusing on the meeting. You can get back to these messages later once the meeting is over.

Read the details given before the meeting 

The person hosting the meeting might provide some details about the discussion before the meeting starts. Make sure that you read this information to feel more engaged. You won’t even realize that the meeting is taking too long if you know what’s happening. You also see the value of the conversation.

Be honest with your boss

If Zoom meetings are always taking too long, there might be something wrong with how you handle the discussion. You can suggest to your boss some ways to shorten the discussion. There are even times when you don’t have to go to a Zoom meeting. Discussions can happen through group chats and emails.

Focusing on anything can be difficult if you don’t like what’s happening. Make sure that you prepare yourself for long meetings, especially if they will happen again. It could take a while before everyone can go back to a regular office environment. For now, you have to adjust to this reality and learn how to adapt to it.


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