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Project Free TV is well known free online streaming service. Here, you can be able to watch movies and television shows which are aired every single day. However, the site is concentrated in the updating of Television Shows. Most of the people nowadays have a high preference for watching movies in the comfort of their home. Making maximum use of the home theatre, this does give the same experience of being in a Cinema. Recently, the website has been experiencing downtime, and the majority of the users are unable to access the old domain of this site. This is the main reason why we see the emergence of similar sites such as Project Free TV has become very popular. Here, we are going to discuss some of the movie as well as the TV streaming sites which can be rated as an alternative to watch TV shows and movies.

10 Project Free TV Alternatives

1. YouTube

Debut site which is recommended as a better alternative such as Project Free TV Li is the YouTube channel. Lately, it has become most visited site especially when it comes to the video streaming; irrespective of whether it is a movie, music video or even Television shows from the various countries. Since it has always been a community site, availability of videos may not always be guaranteed.

Yes, you can be able to find all kind of videos here, and they can get deleted too. Therefore, you can find the video today, and tomorrow it is not available tomorrow. For the various reasons, it can be deleted despite not disregarding the fact that it is among sites which have an extensive collection of the movies and videos from the various countries. Therefore, it is a very good Project Free TV alternative.

2. Tubi

Tubi TV is another site which works as Project Free TV So. All the movies and Television shows offered by the site have an auto-generated default setting according to a device which you are currently using. You can be able to adjust the quality of the video by yourself. As previously mentioned tools, it does cater to the Television shows, but the site does not focus on a single region only. It does have a compilation of Television series from various countries such as Korea and America. All of those can easily be categorized by the genre. All that is needed is for you to register and pay for this service.

3. Fox

Fox is an amazing site for the movies, and the Television shows streaming site which can be regarded as Project Free TV alternative. This is a site which caters for movies of different genres and Television shows concentrating on the American shows. Like other site mentioned, Television series have put a focus on Western shows alone. The Television series from the other countries are unavailable. The site has a very good appearance, and it is clean and nice. You can also be able to share the video on the social media account using the direct link from Fox.

4. TV Player

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TV Player should be included in this list of websites similar to the Free Project TV. It is an excellent free streaming site in the United Kingdom. TV Player is available on the Desktop and to the Mobile device. At the moment, the free version provides more than ninety-five channels (95). All you need is to create an account, proceed to register for free trial experience for the service. It has one demerit as you cannot create an account if you are not in the United Kingdom. While you are registering this site, it is going to check the IP address if indeed you are on the premises. If you are not, you will be blocked automatically. However, you can try using VPN.

5. Project Free TV Alternative: Kshow123

If you are someone who loves to watch the Korean Shows, then Kshow123 is the perfect choice for you. This site is the perfect option for you. It comes with a very wide catalog of Television shows that gets to be aired weekly or even daily. It does update every after the show has been broadcasted. The only drawback with this site is the many pop-up ads.

6. KissAssian

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KissAssian is the site where you can be able to watch TV shows around Asia. Here, you will be able to find full episodes of the ongoing dramas being broadcasted from the different countries like project free TV sons of anarchy. This includes China, Japan, Hong Kong among many others. All the genres are covered, and you can see a full list of the dramas. You can be able to find some Anime by going on to click AnimeTab from the main page of the site.

7. TV

If you are renowned sports enthusiasts and you want to be able to watch live games from all over the world, then this site has been created for you. delivers live games of the football, basketball, baseball, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball and much more. From the main page of the website, you will be able to find the scheduled time of various games. Choose game by clicking the tab and look for the logo which indicates the country and team.

8. Retrovision Classic Movies

Vexmovies is an excellent alternative site to the Free TV Project. If you are in need to go back and be able to watch the favorite movie from the various genres, then this is an excellent choice for you. This is a catalog of various movies of the past. Whether you are thinking of the Classic TV, Drama, Crime or even horror, then you are well covered. Also, if you do want to be able to entertain Grandparents while they are sitting on the couch, let enjoy nothing than the best movies and television series.

9. Stream2Watch

This is a site which has been made to bring the broadcast of various kinds of sports. The site has been made in a way that it is similar to the SportStream. The site has a wide scope of games such as Cycling, Cricket, Tennis, Golf and many more. You can get a daily dose of the WorldWide Sports Event. Simply get to click the category that you have an interest in, and the site will open a new tab.

10. ShareTV

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It is an excellent choice when it comes to watching for pleasure. It can do a real-time update of most recent Television series. It concentrates in shows in the western part of the globe. If indeed you love to watch Variety Shows, then this is the channel for you.

There are many websites like project free TV. Go through above each website, you will find good one for yourself which will satisfy you.

What happened to project free TV

Project Free TV, which is one of the most famous Television show streaming site on the internet, went on to disappear from the internet on July 24th, but this website is back on new domain. Many of the people who love to stream movies thought that it was the curtains for Project Free TV as website URL, Project Free TV, routed to the webpage that was stripped of the content or the design style sheet and simply said goodbye. But, if you now go ahead and Google the term ‘Project Free TV,’ a top result that is the new URL is, that carries the new version of this website with links that can work fine.

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