Since it was invented, internet has played an important part in our lives and work. Have you ever imagine how our lives would be if there were no internet for only one day? We have nothing to watch or entertain. You cannot send email to your partners, leading to work interruption and causing losses to your company. This is the reason why we need internet that much. Today, most of us are using wifi network, so we need to get to know it in order to better use it. In the article, we will provide helpful information about the router admin page with IP

Steps to login the router admin page

If you have never go to the router admin page, don’t worry, it is very simple. Before doing so, make sure that your device is connected to the wifi network. You can use smart phone, computer or laptop to go to the admin page. Then you need to open a browser to login the page. You can choose one browser among Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. All of them are fine. After that, type this address in the search bar or just copy and paste it straightly. It will take you to the router admin homepage.

You can log in the network homepage using any browsers available. Source: PNG Images

The default password and username

Once you go to the homepage, it will ask you to enter the username and password. Do not worry; you can enter admin for username and password for password. They are the most common pair. If the page does not accept this pair, you can try another pair such as admin-michelangelo, user-password, sitecome-admin, user-user, root-(none), root-root, administrator-(none), administrator-administrator.

Your router use the IP address or not?

There are several different IP address, including 173.x.x.x, 50.x.x.x, 192.168.100.x, 192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x, 169.254.x.x and If you buy a Linksys router, then your default router IP address will be 192. 168.1.1. Here we list some models from Linksys manufacturer which are best suit for private home usage or small and medium-sized business network: E8400, E900, EA2700, EA3500, E1000, E1200, E800, E8350, WRT54G, WRT110.

If you are not sure about your IP address, you can follow these steps to get the homepage address. First, click “Start” and type “cmd” (Command Prompt Window). After that, type “ipconfig”, press “Enter” and look for “Default Gateway”.  Then look for “Ipv4 Address” to see your IP address.

If you still cannot get to the IP address

If you cannot get access to, you need to reset the router. Source:

After getting the standard gateway IP address, if it is still but you cannot get access to it, then you may need to reset your router. First, you need to find the “reset” button on your router. It is a physical button which is often red. Remember when doing so, you need to hold the button for about 10 seconds until you see the power led blinking. This is to make sure the router is reset. Then try to login the homepage using IP address

Another thing you should know is that the phone connection line in your router can interrupt the logging process. Therefore, you need to disconnect your phone line to get access to the homepage again.

If you try all these solutions and you still cannot login the homepage, you need to call the manufacturer or the ISP to tell them about your problem. They will find out the best solution and help to fix the network problem directly through the phone. In the case that it is complicated, they will send a technician to your place and help you to solve the problem.

Do you need to change the default username and password?

The default password on the is too weak because it is set in a way that allows users to easily remember. And that is the reason why other people, whose devices are connected to your wifi network, can get access to the homepage with no difficulties. They just need to enter any pair of username and password that we have listed before.

Changing default username and password for security purpose. Source:

And after getting access to your wifi network, they may change the password or other settings. Of course you can call the internet provider to solve this problem. However, it will take even a day before they react to your problem. During that time, there is no wifi, which interrupts your works greatly. Thus, you need to take action before someone else has control over your wifi network. Changing default password on the page will set up the first line of network defense in order to prevent some serious troubles later.

So how to change the default username and password?

First, you have to go to the admin homepage using a pair of default username and password we have mentioned. As they are the most common ones, you can try till you find the pair that is correct. After going to the, you will see different sections that allow you to change the default password and username. If you find it hard to look for the right section among many sections, the best way is to search the manufacturer’s name on Google. Then go to this manufacturer’s official website and there are detailed instructions that help you to change the default password and username.

How to manage your wifi network with

Most people may think about changing wifi password immediately when it comes to the IP address This is for security reason. is a primary device of your private home or small and medium-sized network. And the router is able to control all communication traffic inside the network as well as outside the network to the global internet. It means that attackers, once having the access to your wifi network, can steal private and sensitive information about you. Do not think that it is not so serious.

In the era of information, the data about you is important for many businesses and enterprises. They are willing to pay a huge amount of money to get customer information. Leaking private information can cause continuous troubles for you later. If you still think that it is not too bad as what we have said, you may have to change your mind immediately.

These attackers do not only steal your information but they also can upload a virus or dangerous programs into the network.  And if you do not know that your wifi network is attacked and keep using it, your personal devices can be attacked too. So, it is critical to change your password regularly, about every three months.

Besides changing password to protect your wifi network, users can go to the page to reconfigure some other options for their private network. These options are DNS, QoS, LAN or WLAN settings, PPPOE, MAC, DHCP, IP, Proxy.

Now that you get all the necessary information about the IP address is so popular for many different devices. You can log in the homepage using default username and password, but it is recommended that you should change the default username and password to set up the protection fence for your network. You need to know about this page to better protect your private network from potential problems associated with information leaking.

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