Do you have a Google Voice number? You can use it to send and receive faxes. Google Voice is a smart telephone service to combine different accounts. With this service, you can receive and send calls, text messages and voice messages.

To manage your faxes, you will need a third-party online fax service. For this reason, you can use CocoFax to manage your fax communications. To use your number, you have to unlock your Google voice number. See these reasons to use Google Voice number:

  • There is no need to share a number with your client or within a network.
  • You can send and receive faxes without a landline or hardware. The voice number of Google operates with an internet connection to decrease the need for a landline cable.
  • Fax number is active and ready to send and receive the faxes.
  • Your faxes will be stored on the cloud, and it is possible to retrieve them from anywhere.
  • CocoFax offers a secure and safe method to send and receive faxes.

Unique Features for Business and Individual Users

CocoFax is a versatile fax online on some Google products with several features to send and receive faxes. After delivering fax to its destination, CocoFax will send a confirmation email message about the failure or success of the delivery of the fax. It has millions of satisfied users.

Top 10 Reviews, Toms Guide, PCMag and Android Authority and several others recognize CocoFax as the best online fax service. CocoFax encrypted faxes with the use of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to protect your sensitive information.

Unlock Google Voice Number

If you want to use your Google Voice number, you need to unlock it by going to the Google Voice page to unlock it.

  • Sign in to a voice account.
  • Choose the GoogleVoice Number to unlock.
  • Tap “Unlock” underneath your number.
  • Confirm to unlock this number by tapping “Continue”.
  • Tap “Continue” to confirm that you need to unlock and sign in to your Google Wallet.
  • You need to spend around $3 to unlock this number.
  • A payment receipt will be available in your email.

Step 01: Port Voice Number to CocoFax

After unlocking the Google Voice number, you have to start a porting process with CocoFax. See this procedure:

  • Fill an online form to submit a port request.
  • After receiving your request, CocoFax will check the eligibility of your Google Voice number.
  • You will get verification from CocoFax if your number is eligible to port to the network of CocoFax.
  • Some extra documents may be required to continue this procedure.
  • Based on the subscription package, you can upgrade this package to business or premium as per your need.
  • Once this procedure is completed, you will get a confirmation in your inbox that your given number is properly ported to the network.

Step 02: Receive Faxes with Ported Out Number via CocoFax

After porting your number to CocoFax network, you can use it to send and receive faxes. Make sure to give this ported number to senders. See these steps:

  • Go to a browser and open the CocoFax web app.
  • Log in to a CocoFax account and select “My Faxes – Inbox”. You can see all the faxes in the inbox. Feel free to check sent and received faxes or download attachments.

Step 03: Send Fax with Ported Number via CocoFax

  • Check the menu of left pan and tap on “Send” faxes.

  • Enter a number of your recipient in “To” field and write in the message in the field “Cover Letter”.
  • Tap on the “+” sign to add attachments. After composing your fax, you must hit on “Send”.
  • If you want to use your email and Google Voice number, you need to combine the fax number or receiver with Type in the “To” field and choose a suitable heading for the subject field.
  • If you want to write a cover message, type it in the body of the email. Attach your files in PDF, jpeg, xls, png, doc and docx format. Press on the send button and CocoFax will successfully send your fax messages.

Keep it in mind that you must receive a confirmation email about the successful delivery of your email. To receive faxes free online at anytime, you just need to share your CocoFax fax number to the sender.


Google fax service allows you to fax via Google Drive and Gmail. Remember, Google doesn’t have any fax service; therefore, a third party Google fax service is required.

CocoFax is a famous online fax service to receive and send faxes from popular Google Products.

Businesses and freelancers send Gmail fax via CocoFax. You don’t need anything, including a dedicated phone line or a fax machine. CocoFax is a safe and affordable choice for its undeniable advantages and versatility.

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