Thinking up new ways of enticing new customers while still keeping the old customers happy can be a little like playing with scales and not having the right weights in order to create the perfect balance. 

Most businesses tip heavily in favor of the new customers but seem to forget about the old customers who would happily purchase again and again with very little enticement. However, what you need to ask yourself is, if given just a little enticement, would these previous customers actually purchase more or recommend your business to others more, you may find that they would.

You should really look at your previous customers as being future customers who are already in the bag, especially if you offer excellent customer service and those customers were happy with their earlier purchase from you.

Giving a little back

Being able to offer a little extra to your customers, previous and potential ones alike, such as a free gift when they purchase from you or recommend your products or services to another who then actually buys, can go a long way. There are corporate swag companies that offer this service for businesses such as yours.

Although your customers may see these gifts as a thank you for loyal support or for their purchase, there is an extra bonus for your business. 

This is free advertising

By having your business name and details or the product you are promoting on each of the free gifts you are giving away, you are creating product or business awareness in your favor.

Whenever these items are used, regardless of if it is in public or private, what you have printed upon them will be read either consciously or subconsciously by whoever is around. This creates product association, which can be especially strong if used in the right combinations.

There are already businesses taking advantage of this phenomenon, but not nearly enough as it is proven to work if the free gifts are of a certain type.

Gifting ideas

There are so many different types of free gifts you can offer your potential customers as well as your previous customers to keep your business and products fresh in their minds. These can range from pens, stationery, bags to cute and cuddly toys – which of course, you could make as a limited edition to entice more of a buying or subscribing frenzy as other well-known businesses have.

To wrap things up

Although you are probably quite focused on attracting new customers to your business and products, do not forget about the old, satisfied customers who you could probably sell to again and again. You could offer different incentives to existing customers or old customers to get them to purchase again than you do to get the new ones in the door. 

By using swag companies who will personalize products for you to give away you are making use of free advertisements and drawing attention to your business and your products, be sure to have somewhere on any free gift your company name and website address to take full advantage of your gift.  

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