The safety protection on the scaffold is to use the safety facilities to provide safety protection to prevent the people and objects on the rack from falling. The following is the explanation how to do a good job in scaffolding safety protection.

The following are the specific measures for scaffolding safety protection shared by scaffolding manufacturer Durascf:

1. Scaffolding

(1) Safety fences and warning signs should be set up on the job site to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the dangerous area.

(2) Temporary supports or knots should be added to the parts of the scaffold that have not been formed or have lost structural stability.

(3) When using a safety belt, when there is no reliable safety belt buckle hanging, a safety rope should be pulled.

(4) When removing the scaffold, it is necessary to set up lifting or hanging facilities, and throwing is prohibited.

(5) After the movable scaffolds such as hanging, hanging and picking are moved to the working position, they should be supported or pulled to fix them or reduce their shaking.

2. Operation platform (working aspect)

(1) Except for the decoration scaffolds with a height of less than 2m, 2 scaffolding boards are allowed, other scaffolding working surfaces should be no less than 3 scaffolding boards, there is no gap between the scaffolding boards, and the gap between the scaffolding board and the wall is generally Not more than 200mm.

(2) When flat joints are used in the lengthwise direction of the scaffolding board, the connecting ends must be tightened tightly, and the small crossbar under its end should be fixed firmly, and it should not be floated to avoid slipping. The distance from the center of the small crossbar to the end of the board should be Control within the range of 150-200mm. The scaffolding plates at the beginning and the end of the scaffolding should be securely bolted to the scaffolding; when overlapping is used, the length of the overlapping should not be less than 300mm, and the beginning and the end must also be firmly tied.

(3) The protective facilities facing the outside facade:

Available: scaffolding and two protective railings:

Three railings plus peripheral plastic woven cloth (height is not less than 1.0m or set according to step). Two levers are attached to the bamboo fence with a height of not less than 1m. Two railings are full of safety nets. Other reliable containment methods.

(4) Frontage and pedestrian transportation corridor:

Use plastic woven cloth, bamboo fence, mat or tarpaulin to completely close the street side of the scaffolding.

There are safety nets on the front of the street, and there are safety channels. The roof of the aisle should be covered with scaffolding or other materials that can reliably receive falling objects. On the side of the canopy facing the street, a baffle not less than 0.8m above the canopy shall be provided to prevent falling objects from rebounding onto the street.

Pedestrians and transportation aisles that are close to or through the scaffolding must be equipped with board awnings.

Entrances with height differences between upper and lower scaffolding should be provided with ramps or steps, and guardrails should be provided.

The construction safety situation in China is not optimistic, and the level of construction safety management needs to be improved. The frequent construction accidents have caused the construction industry to face strong pressure. At the same time, the construction industry has also caused more people to suffer from occupational diseases, and occupational disease prevention has also become an important task that cannot be ignored.

The safety production and health of the construction industry need to be further guaranteed. People need to pay more attention to construction safety management and strengthen the cultivation of construction safety awareness. Safety production in the construction industry is closely related to China’s economic development and social stability.

If construction safety accidents cannot be effectively prevented, people’s lives will not be guaranteed, and the development of enterprises will have an adverse impact, which will hinder the historical process of national construction, which will affect the overall situation of China’s reform and development. Therefore, while pursuing rapid economic development, it is extremely necessary to strengthen the safety management of construction engineering.

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