Choosing the best gate opener to open and close their front gate is a goal shared by many homeowners. There are several different automatic gate openers and operators on the market today, like Gatomate’s double swing gate opener. Specifications, capabilities, and restrictions vary for each gate operator. Not everyone can understand these gadgets’ complexity, making the homeowner’s task more challenging. You may choose the best automatic gate operator for your entrance gate with the comprehensive information on this blog.

Gate design

The type of entrance gate is the first factor to consider when purchasing an automatic gate opener. Which gate—a little one for pedestrians or a big one for cars—controls access? Do you have a sliding gate or a swinging gate? These are just a few of the inquiries you should make before making a purchase.

Two primary types of gate opener

1. Sliding gates opener

Sliding doors provide high levels of security for both home and business settings. Access to sliding gates is limited for vehicles, people, and animals. These gate openers are less likely to sustain damage from strong winds and other environmental elements that can obstruct swing gates. Electric sliding gate openers are the solution if you have a space problem. Because it has a solar gate opener, you will not need to worry about the control box in the event of a power outage because this sort of gate is made to resist heavy use. It is covered in polyethylene to shield it from UV radiation and keep it from rusting. This automated gate opener can survive extreme weather and meet your needs for many years.

2. Swing gate opener

Homes that require a reasonable level of security should have up-and-over doors. Comparing these automatic gates to other gate types like sliding or vertical gates is a more affordable option. A swing gate opener needs a level area within the critical area for the gate to open and enough room to swing open fully to allow vehicles to pass. This kind of gate opens to let vehicles and pedestrians enter the restricted area. It can have double or single wings. This type opened 90 degrees in roughly 17 seconds and was powered by solar energy. To monitor the operation of your gate at all times, you can combine this gate and its automated opener with your smartphone.

Energy supply

All automatic gate openers, like Gatomate’s Double Swing Gate Opener, need electricity. Consider the electricity sources that could be available at your site. An electric gate opener plugs into the main power is an option if your location has access to AC power. If power is not currently accessible at the installation site, consider how expensive and challenging it would be to route wiring to the entry. Whether or not done will depend on where the gate is located. A solar-powered gate opener is an alternative if you do not have access to an AC source.

Usage frequency

An automatic gate opener that can handle the traffic on your property is necessary. How frequently does the gate need to be opened? Because a gate opener is only used sporadically during the day, the operator may choose a less robust solution if one is required for a single-family property. A more robust opening mechanism is recommended if you install it in a gated community with many tenants.

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