Nyquil is a flue relief and common cold medication which is usually sold over counter in either pill form or either the liquid form. It is used for the purpose of relieving coughing but at the same time gives the feeling of drowsiness as well as relaxation. Also, some people who got conditions which are linked with pain use the Nyquil to help them maintain a sleeping state which is pain-free. As Nyquil has been thought to give one a deep as well as the enduring state of sleep, many people usually ask; can one take Nyquil just to enable you to sleep. Also, some have been asking whether they can use Nyquil as a sleeping aid.

How Long Does Nyquil Last

Sleepiness effect after one has taken Nyquil does normally last for about 4-6 hours or sometimes 7-8 hours. Sometimes this figure can differ as every human is unique and effect can vary from one person to the other. Once you have taken a final dose of Nyquil, you can still experience some dizziness even after eight hours. This means that it can affect your driving capabilities on the road, impair college or even school work as well as affect the machinery.

This is the main reason why you should understand how long the Nyquil does stay in the system. To estimate duration, you can consider half-lives of the Nyquil chemical ingredients. All the Nyquil formulations usually can contain the doxylamine succinate so as to bring on the sleep. It would take up to a maximum of 2.29 days to eliminate it from the body.

How long does it take for Nyquil to kick in?

At this moment, that is the time when you pop some Nyquil pills. If you are among the people who prefer liquid route, you will rapidly experience a very warm sensation in the throat. It will feel as if you have taken a shot. Nyquil has been known to take around 10 (ten) minutes to kick in your system, and later you will start feeling good. The entire body feels warm, and the aches will start to fade away.  Within no time, the eyelids will start to droop. During this moment, the temptations to sleep are going to be a bit higher. However, try as much as you can as you have to sleep at night. This expectation usually tends to neutralize the drowse factor, and it can throw the whole Nyquil experience.

Is it bad to take Nyquil to help you sleep?

Many sleep experts have always cautioned against the use of alcohol as a sleeping aid. While it can help people to fall asleep very fast, it can also disrupt the normal sleep patterns. The occasional use of the Nyquil when you are experiencing a cold should never pose a problem. However, the occasional use of the Nyquil to sleep is never advisable.


When Nyquil is used as directed, it does not pose any health risks even with repeated use. Doctors have always advised against using it as a sleep-inducing drug. As one gets to learn about the benefits of using this drug in the right way, the thought of going to sleep without using it scares some people. However, this should not always be the case.

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