Do you know how word count is important for your SEO? Do you know word count determines the success of your content online? It is the time to start, if you have not taken care of the count of text of your digital marketing asset, articles and blog posts. The length of the content affects all things from search engine optimization to actions of the audience.

Writing is about to embark a journey of learning, explanation and discovery where inspiration, ideas and new material is transformed into words. Have you made a draft before writing? It means you have to decide how to shape the words. With the help of the word counter, you can improve your paragraph structure, summaries or explain the content. It saves you from loop writing. Writer learns how to be specific to the topic by knowing the word limits.

Is High Word Count Is Good For SEO?

SEO must focus on the high-quality content. It is important to make sure that your website visitors find the attractive content online.

Long-Form Content Ranks high

If you want to develop a large amount of content to increase the SEO ranking then you need to focus on the text count. To get high-ranking, you need to post 900 words. This trend continues and it is important for the writer to check the character count by using an efficient word counter.

Long Content Offers Great Values

Long content has the tendency to cover all the topics and the important points in the content. To write precisely, it is important to learn correct use of words in the limited count of words or phrases.

Use Word Counter

Apart from counting characters and words, you should be accurate in writing style and word choice. When you have to write in the given limits of words, then you need to use word counter to be precise and concise with your writing. The use of the word counting tool helps improving phrase choice. It is very simple to use the tool that you can easily find online or offline because you will get the results almost instantly.

Using a text counter tool helps you to know about the exact text count so you can stay within a given limit. If a writer is writing a maximum or minimum amount of words for the paper, book, story, report or essay, the word counting tool is beneficial to support. You can check the density of the keywords in the articles as well.

Why Check Your Word Count?

To check your character count in your content is important because it helps you to operate online to count pages, paragraphs, sentences, characters, and words in real time with the help of an efficient word counter.

Word Count Is Important for Social Media Posts

If you are on social media and promoting your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, you need to track the length of the text against common web standard like Twitter. On every social network, you get the limit of words to convey the message such as a user needs 140 characters for writing a tweet in Twitter.

The meta-description in Google needs 300 characters. On the other hand, the post on Facebook limits word length to 250 characters. In case, your text exceeds the given character limit, the tool shows the number of pages, paragraphs, sentences, and pages. It is a helpful metric for dissertations, essays, papers, articles, and blog posts.

Word Limits for Professional Writers

Every writer has to summarize or expand the content in the given word limits A professional writer needs to track the count of word as per the requirement of the blog post, web content and others.

Counting Words Is Beneficial For Students

It is a common fact that lengthy content has the high probability to make errors in the delivering the message. Few words have more chances to understand the idea. Students get the word limits to write essays or other assignments, so they have to use vivid words. This is the reason word’s limit traps them because they have to give more and more ideas in the limited lines.

To avoid unnecessary explanation, the word count plays a vital role. To be relevant to the topic, it is good to check your number of words because a 250 words essay needs four paragraphs. A student has to convey the message in these 4 paragraphs. In this way, the use of the word Counter is essential for them.

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