In the past, people were using Adobe Format to open and access their documents in their computers or laptops. The most significant percentage of online materials is in PDF format. The Adobe Format was the most effective means of opening one’s document. Fortunately, technology has continued to make tremendous advances. There have been other developments such as PDF. We have all come across the word PDF or a friend talking about using PDF to open a particular document that they have received. PDF has become a savior to many as now you can access any material online even through your mobile phone. The possibility to convert PDF format documents to other formats has made life so easy. If you are a student and you need to open a document or notes to study for an exam all you need is a PDF reader in your computer or phone thus case solved. PDF is mainly structured for reading and not editing; that’s why it is preferred by many. can help in creating PDF from any file. One demerit it has is that you cannot convert any given document to PDF thus its problem. Therefore, here are eight successful PDF conversion hacks to know and try in 2019.


You might have praised PDF at the best document format used by many on the internet. However, HTML is a format mostly used in web pages as the most common file type. It is clear PDF is mostly used on the internet while HTML is preferred mostly for web pages. So how can you convert a document from HTML TO PDF?

Well, the process of conversion from HTML to PDF is not a rollercoaster as you may imagine. It might also cost you some cash to make it a success. The conversion will require the use of Adobe Acrobat DC, software that requires some payment for conversion. There is an alternative option, given that a large number of modern browsers have the option of printing web page as a PDF; this helps in creating a new PDF format of that web page.

If using the Software seems a lot of work you can resort to downloads, plugins as well as websites that can aid you in the conversion of the document. You might consider doing this work online, which can have its cons since it may cause security complications. Therefore, all you have to do is use an advanced device, and it will give you the option of printing a web page into a PDF. On selecting, it will quickly convert your file into PDF.


DOCX is a well-known Microsoft Office document format that can aid you in the conversion of a document to PDF document. The process of conversion is less strenuous most, especially if you have the document online. DOCX Microsoft Document format is one format that is popular, widely used, and considered the second best document format after PDF. It means that converting a document from DOCX T to PDF will take less than a minute.

Let us take a look at how to do the conversion. After typing, save the DOCX document in a folder. If you are online, Select the option ‘Print” but do not click on the option for selecting a printer instead, you will see an option called “Print to PDF.” After selecting your document, the Software will immediately convert the DOCS to PDF in seconds.

Alternatively, if you are using Microsoft Word and you want to convert a Docx document to PDF format, then it is simple. Just click the “File” menu and select “Export” option this will enable you to create the PDF automatically.

If you don’t have any of the above alternatives, then several free online tools can help you.


You might be asking how I can convert an Excel Microsoft document to PDF. It is, and thus you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Excel Microsoft is a result of an Extension called XLSX.  First, you must have Excel software on your computer. After typing the document, you can resort to saving it. If your computer has windows, all you have to do is select the option FILE, then select EXPORT. Afterward, you will be provided for options, select the “Create a PDF/XPS.” You might also wonder how you can convert an XLSX file to PDF when you don’t have the Excel Software in your computer. Converting XLSX to PDF is easy as you can find a variety of converters online, hence no need to strain.


MOBI Format primarily meant for Ebook files specifically on Amazon. It might not be easy to convert a MOBI to PDF just by a snap of hands. To do so, if you are online, you can find many converters and other Software. If you are having a hard time getting converters online, use Calibre software to convert your MOBI file to PDF.


Just like MOBI, EPUB  is also an Ebook file format that is widely used by many people in all parts of the world. EPUB which is used primarily by e-readers who love reading books online. For example, Nook or Kobo. Conversion of an EPUB to PDF file is straightforward but a little strenuous. It is very similar to MOBI. First, you need to have extra Software on your computer. When it comes to e-book files, the best conversion software is Calibre. Caliber will help you convert your EPUB file to PDF, and in other formats, in seconds. You might also search for other Software online that can aid you in the conversion.


Many mostly are done on a computer or a personal computer. When using a computer or a laptop, one usually has the already installed Software such as Excel and Word Microsoft office that aids in quick conversion of your files. But how would you convert a file on your phone to PDF? This type of conversion might seem complicated and hard. However, it’s as simple as eating chocolate. When you are using an Android phone, you will first need to install Apps from Google Play Store. These apps will help you convert the file in an instant.

If you are using an Apple phone or tablet, on the web page, select the option SHARE, on scrolling down the options, choose to create pdf. Afterward, save the document. That’s all you have to do.


The process of conversion is also pretty intense, and it requires other Software to make it a success, ASPX files work best with the Microsoft ASP.NET since it’s page servers are build in Microsoft ASP.NET. This process makes it a bit complicated to convert a given file to PDF. The best solution to put into consideration is by applying ASPX to PDF Converter. This ASPX to PDF Converter is very suitable and efficient. After the conversion, you can easily allow it to have footers and headers.  You usually see page breaks when using Microsoft Word, with ASPX to PDF Converter you can easily place page breaks in the final document. After converting this any document in ASPX format, it can never be re-converted. Hence, all you require is an ASPX to PDF Converter, and the conversion process is

It is very crucial to note that ASPX file after conversion can no longer work as intended, so be sure before initiating your transformation.

8. PPTX to PDF

Probably you have ever come across or used Microsoft PowerPoint. This Software consists of files that mainly entail the PPTX extension that makes it suitable in using it on your computer. Conversion of such a file to PDF is straightforward. The process of transformation in Microsoft PowerPoint is similar to that of Excel and Word Microsoft.  If you are online, select the option Download As then to PDF. This option will instantly convert the file to PDF. You might need to install the PowerPoint Microsoft software in your computer or laptop, or if not, you can use conversion tools online that are very reliable and quick to convert.

What if you are using a Mac device? The process isn’t complicated; it is effortless. After typing the document, select the option FILE, afterward, then select ‘Save as’ or ‘Export.’ This method will convert the PPTX file to PDF.

What if it is Windows? After typing, select the option “File.” Afterward, select “Export” then select the “Create PDF/XPS.” This process will immediately convert the file into PDF.


Files can be hard to open and read, especially when it has been sent to your device online. Or maybe you have typed and saved a file, but you need to convert it into PDF, then the above hacks are the ones you can put into consideration. These hacks will make it easier for you to read and access. There is also additional Software when you are online that you can access and use it for conversion. Now that you know the excellent PDF conversion hacks that can help you, you can now create some great content easily without struggles as before.

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