Plantation shutters have been famous for many years due to the protection they offer to your property. Interestingly, this window covering has been used for centuries.

If you want to learn more about the history of wooden plantation shutters, you’re in the right place. Here is a complete guide about it. The information will help you decide whether you should get shutters in Kingston or not.

The Invention Of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters were invented in 800 B.C. by the ancient Greeks. The windows of that era were mainly made of wood, and people used cloth to cover the empty space. This is why people use shutters for external protection.

Initially, plantation shutters were made of marble and could be afforded by specific people only. The robust cover was helpful for controlling airflow and light in a home. Besides that, wood replaced marble as the primary material for the construction of plantation shutters.

Why Wooden Plantation Shutters Replaced Marble Shutters?

It is also best to understand the reason behind the shift to wooden plantation shutters. This will allow you to understand the history better and choose the best material for your new shutters in Kingston.

  1. Ease Of Use

The top feature of wooden plantation shutters is that they are easier to use than their marble counterparts. It enables the cover to be lighter and open or close more easily.

Wooden plantation shutters were also easier to install during that era. The best part is that this ease of use has improved with time. So now you can get wooden shutters installed in no time.

  1. Difficulty To Obtain Marble

Marble shutters offered the highest protection, but this material was not easy to obtain. As the demand increased, not all shutters could be made from marble because of the lack of supply. This material was also more expensive, so only a few people could afford marble shutters.

The change to wood enabled more people to access plantation shutters and buy them. It also allowed crafters to produce a high number of coverings to meet the increasing demand. Wooden shutters are still popular in the present day due to the rising prices of marble.

  1. More Flexibility

Wood is also more flexible than marble because it can be easily moulded into different patterns and shapes. This is why crafters in ancient times preferred to use it for making shutters.

It also allowed the manufacturers to keep their production costs low and maximize their profit.

When Was The Name Plantation Shutters Coined?

The robust covering was not called plantation shutters until European settlers moved to America. This protective item became more popular as more American houses started using wooden shutters.

Shutters also started trending in the South because of the aesthetic design and safety benefits. In this region, plantation houses mainly got shutters which is how the covering got its name.

Final Thoughts

This is all about the history of wooden plantation shutters. These shutters replaced marble ones because of their high flexibility and low price. You can still get wooden shutters in Kingston to protect your property easily.

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