As we all know, the foods and drinks we consume have a powerful impact on our health. This fact doesn’t mean that we only eat fruits and vegetables or try a vegan or alkaline diet. With the alkaline diet, it doesn’t just focus on plant-based foods and get rid of the others. For the Alkaline Naturals dr sebi herbs, the concept of this diet is to consume particular foods to ensure that the blood is prevented from being acidic. This step results in various health benefits in almost endless ways.

The alkaline diet makes us particular about foods that are alkaline-forming and acidic-forming. Based on the pH scale, foods between 1-7 are considered acidic, and some are meat and coffee. Meanwhile, foods on the range between 7-14 are alkaline, and these are deemed nutrient-dense and with lots of antioxidants. Some of these foods are citrus fruits, leafy vegetables (especially if consumed raw), and unprocessed nuts.

For this diet, the general rule is to follow an 80/20 diet, which means the daily meal plan should consist of more fruits and vegetables and less meat, dairy, and coffee.

The Harm about Consuming Acidic Foods

The bottom line of the alkaline diet is to avoid acidic foods to become healthier. Some scientific studies and dieticians supported the importance of a balanced pH to keep a healthier and happier state of our bodies. An acidic body can cause being susceptible to chronic illnesses and complications, unhealthy weight gain, and decreased life span. The alkaline diet followers believe that the body will gain so many benefits from consuming alkaline-rich foods and staying away from the acidic ones.

The Health Benefits of Alkaline Foods

Here are some of the life-changing benefits of consuming alkaline foods

  1. Alkaline foods help the body fight against fatigue- When the body is acidic, its oxygen supply decreases that results in a reduced ability of the cells to repair and collect nutrients. When the body consumes fewer acids, it becomes less groggy and tired throughout the day.
  2. Alkaline foods strengthen the immune system- an imbalance pH causes the body unable to fight the bacteria and viruses, especially if it is more The alkaline foods help the body gain sufficient oxygen levels, which contribute to its ability to eliminate the probability of disease.
  3. Alkaline foods reduce inflammation- Another disadvantage of too much acidity in the body is the higher risk of the inflammation that can lead to health problems like cardiovascular disease and hypertension. A diet with alkaline-rich foods keeps inflammation on the check.
  4. Alkaline foods contribute the bone strength- As the body ages, it will need more calcium for the bones and balancing the body and blood’s pH levels. Alkaline-rich foods are rich in minerals like calcium, which can also help the bones less prone to brittleness.

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