You surely are aware that green vegetables are an important part of an individual’s healthy and nutritious meal. Through this, you will be able to have a balanced diet. Actually, it is not easy to maintain physical fitness and wellness because you cannot avoid eating in the fast food restaurants, where they often offer fatty and oily foods. However, this is not a reason to cast veggies away from your daily lifestyle.

After a long day at your workplace, you need to find time to prep greens to detox your system. Well, if you cannot cook low calorie foods, then at least drink healthy juices from the greens, right? You can only do this right, if you are going to buy the best juicer for greens. I know that a lot of brands or manufacturers are available in the market, right now and that confuses you. But regardless of the brand, you should know your personal preferences.

First of all, your goal is to choose the best juicer for greens and you are going to focus with this until you find the right product for your kitchen needs. Actually, choosing one will depend on what type of juicer you would like to use for making juices. You have two options, anyway.First, we have the centrifugal juicer. And then, the second one is the masticating juicer. By the way, these two are common juicers and typical for home use. So, which one would you like to buy? Here are a few tips to help you decide.

A Centrifugal Juicer

The most popular greens juicer that you often find at home is the centrifugal juicer. Indeed, you will surely find it easy to operate and clean as well. I bet, it is an ideal juicer for small kitchen and spaces. Anyway, why will you choose a centrifugal juicer?

  • Basically, you need to know what veggies or greens you would like to juice. By the way, you may use a centrifugal juicer for juicy greens like spinach. Indeed, it is also good for extracting fruit juices. But this is not an excellent choice for greens because it lacks efficiency. What if you would like to juice wheatgrass? A centrifugal juicer is not excellent for these greens, especially it is not juicy.
  • This type of juicer is perfect when it comes to speed. You can easily make juices fast.
  • If you are looking for a juicer with ease at cleaning, then a centrifugal is a good option because you do not need to exert much effort with this.
  • The only downside about using these machines is the noise it produced. With this juicer, you are just like using noisy blenders. So, can you manage such noise?

A Masticating Juicer

Another type of juicer for greens is the masticating juicer, which is also called as, cold press and slow. With such name, it means that it is an ideal type to use when you are not in a rush or let’s say that you have ample time to do the juicing.  Why do you like juicing greens, anyway? Of course, it is because you would like to practice a healthy diet, right?

  • It is true that masticating juicers are slow because it is also designed with low RPM motors. Indeed, this is also an advantage because this is how the nutrients of the veggies are retained.
  • In fact, there are high-end juicers today, just like the centrifugal, which you can also use with other greens, such as kale and spinach. However, it is not that efficient. With a masticating juicer, more type of greens like wheatgrass can be juiced.
  • The biggest downside of using a masticating juicer is actually the cost. Sometimes, though, we do not actually look at how much we are spending as long as the product is worth buying for. While some people find it expensive. Actually, it may cost more than other type of juicers, but with this, you can extract more juice. This only means that you can reduce the amount of waste gathered after juicing.
  • Remember that this machine is designed with a low RPM motor, which means that the process of extracting juice is also slow. But this is indeed, a great advantage because there is just a minimal amount of heat that the machine introduced. Because of this, you will be able to keep the juice for a maximum of 48 hours or 2 days. And the best part of this is that, you can also retain the nutrients of the greens.
  • Masticating juicers are also designed with added features. Though it may also cost you an additional fee. However, these extra features are good for prepping homemade foods for babies and pasta as well. This is because other accessories are ideal for mincing, grinding, mashing and pounding, too.

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