When in the market to purchase a waffle maker, it is important that you go for the best waffle maker that your money could buy. There are several criteria that you can evaluate and consider before making your purchase.

Your evaluation might be influenced by what you prefer personally but it is best to first of all research a few things about it before investing in one. There is no need to wind up with a waffle maker which you don’t like.

The following are some of the features and criteria which you might want to utilize when in the market to purchase one.

  • Brand reputation: Brands are very important. Brands that are very well known tend to be more trusted and are easily purchased even when the price is high due to the designer label. In the world of electric brands, there are some well known and those which are reputable that you can easily trust to give you a waffle which has a great value.

If there is a brand that you know and love, then you should research on the value of its waffle maker as you are likely going to get one that might just fit your needs. start your search with your favorite brands as you look around for the best waffle maker.

  • Ease of use: Several waffle makers claim to be easy to use and thus, it could be hard to determine and rate which one for sure will make using it easier. Waffle makers which are standard, non-fuss might just be easier to use as compared to those which you will require to control temperature, having to fiddle with plates that are removable or have various alert systems that might confuse you as a novice cook. In case you are worried about waffle makers which are complicated, it will be best if you stick to the ones which have basics that have been proven over time to work.
  • Bonus features: Having a say in the softness or crispiness of a waffle is very important as it will allow you to come up with waffles that you like and enjoy. If you love to have the ability to ensure that your waffles are dark brown or golden, then get a machine that has good temperature control.

A waffle maker that has a multi-functional design will allow you to be able to cater to various food. Some machines come with plates that flip to become a flat cooking surface, making it perfect to use for pancake or egg making. This could be great if you are looking around for a machine for various purposes which doesn’t take up a lot of space in your house.

Having a drip tray on your best waffle maker will help in cleaning up and preventing the countertop from having to get covered in the batter which could, in turn, spoil it. various machines have drip trays which can be removed easily and washed directly in the sink or via a dishwasher

  • Alerts/Indicators: To know whether the waffle is ready, you might be forced to lift the lid. If you do this throughout the cooking process, it might just ruin the waffle. Get a waffle maker which has a lot of audible and visual alerts to indicate when the waffle is ready. Never confuse the indicator light with the on and off the light. It is very easy to confuse these two types of lights.

The indicator light just shows that the waffle is hot enough to start cooking the waffle but the alert light will assist in knowing if the waffle is ready. You will need to read instructions that come with the waffle maker and ensure that you know what each light on the machine denotes

The visual light is a feature that is important too but it is possible to miss it out too especially if you are multi-tasking in the kitchen. Having the audible alert is a great feature if you have plans to make waffles as you do other tasks in the kitchen. You will be able to hear a beep and know that your waffle is ready.

  • The flip function: One more important consideration to make when you are shopping around for the best waffle maker is the flip function. Most of the waffle makers in the market bring out waffles where the bottom side tends to be crispier and cooks faster than the top. This is because of gravity but if you get a waffle that flips, then this could be the best one to go for. The flip ability will allow for both sides of the waffle to cook evenly thereby giving you a waffle that is great all the time.

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