Pregnancy lasts up to 40 – 42 weeks. It is divided into trimesters and each trimester lasts up to 12 weeks. Pregnancy is a very big process that comes with a lot of modifications. Each trimester comes with its own specific set of physical and mental changes.  The changes can be as small as swelling of legs and some unanticipated changes also. Pregnant women must be very much aware of the changes in the body and how it affects the baby in order to be prepared.

1st Trimester

The first day of conception and up to the 13th week of pregnancy is your first trimester and very crucial period of your pregnancy. While during the first trimester you may not appear pregnant, your body is subject huge modifications as it accommodates a growing child.Your hormone concentrations will alter considerably in the first few weeks after conception. Your uterus is beginning to promote placenta and fetus development, your blood carries nutrients and oxygen to the baby and your heart rate also increases.

This is a period where you undergo a lot of morning sickness, headaches, and constipation. The first trimester is very important as the baby develops organs and it is very important to eat healthy food. The risk of miscarriage is very high in the first trimester, so it is better to strictly follow the do’s and don’ts that the doctor says.

2nd Trimester

Many people ask the question do all the pregnant women’s belly buttons pop out and the answer is yes. The second trimester is the phase where your belly pops out and your uterus grows tremendously. This trimester lasts up to 27th week and it is a comfortable period for most of the women as the effects of morning sickness wear off. But most women complain about leg pain and heartburn. This is the time your appetite increases, and you start eating for both yourself and the baby. But it is not advisable to gain too much weight. Mostly after the 20th week, you can feel the baby move inside. All pregnant women shouldn’t miss doctor’s appointments and gofor regular tests and screening to make sure the baby is healthy.

3rd Trimester

This trimester starts from the 28th week to till the birth of the baby. You start visiting the doctor more frequently to monitor your unborn child’s growth. Your doctor will also determine the place of your baby and inspect your cervix to see how your body prepares for birth.As you go near your delivery time is when can you feel the baby move outside. Not only you can feel it but you can also see it move.During the third trimester, travel constraints bring impact. You are recommended to remain comparatively near to your doctor if you go to labor soon.And this is the time you need to mentally and physically get prepared for your delivery.

Giving birth is a beautiful process and it is even more beautiful when you are completely aware of what is happening with you. So, try to gain as much as knowledge so that you can enjoy the process.

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