Shoes are an accessory in the fashion industry, but the types available on the market make it an industry of its own. A pair of shoes complete the outfit. Footwear and dresses are complementary to each other, but with some rules. For example, open-toed shoes and sandals go with casual outfits rather than formal ones. Similarly, specific dresses are best worn with certain types of shoes.

Staying in fashion includes owning a range of pieces in the same style. For example, Boots are a type of shoe, but there are also many types of boots. And a fashionista will own a range of boots along with other shoe types. Boots are a staple in any wardrobe, as they offer the most protection from weather conditions like snow. Boots started as workwear and military-wear, but today, they are more of a fashion accessory than anything else. There are specific types of boots to particular fashion trends, such as the fringed boot from bohemian trends. Boots, like jeans, are here to stay. Online shopping websites like The Ugg Store are a testament to that; their primary products are boots.


The first-known boots were made of three pieces, a sole, an upper, and a legging. They were worn over sandals as an added layer of protection. Soon, the three parts melded into one and became the first full boot. These were recovered around 200 BC and could cover the leg up to mid-calf. Today, boots are available in a variety of sizes,

Hip Boots

These boots are also called waders and are mainly used by those in the marine industry. They are usually available in rubber or PVC and come to the top of the thighs or even the waist. They are worn by people who wade into the water to study aquaculture or other research purposes. These boots offer complete protection from the water and the creatures in it, and they also help keep the legs warm in cool waters. These are the tallest boots on the list.

Thigh-high Boots

Thigh-high boots come till mid-thigh. These are usually worn with mini skirts or shorts and come in a range of material. They are a unique style statement and are more of an event piece than regular wear. They are usually made of flexible material to allow the bending of the knees. A popular version of thigh-high boots is made in latex or leather with laces till the top.

Calf-High Boots

Several designs of boots will come under this category, as most boots come in this size. Boots ranging from the mid-calf to the knee are under this categorisation. A well-known boot in this category is the Cowboy boots, made famous by west America’s cattle-rearers. Another popular and more contemporary trend is Ugg boots. The Ugg boots started in Australia, and an Australian e-commerce website called The Ugg Store also specialises in Uggs.

Ankle Boots

These boots are just higher than regular covered shoes. A well-known boot under this category is Chelsea Boots. They come with a side panel made of elastic that maximises comfort, especially in the ankle area. Chelsea boots also have a loop at the back to pull the boots up faster. These boots are also accepted for formal wear. Ugg boots can again come under this category, as they are also available in this size. Uggs, like those seen on The Ugg Store, are made from sheepskin. The insides have a soft and fluffy wool coating, while the outside looks more tanned and smooth.

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