Homes and businesses rely on junk haulers to pick up or remove large pieces of junk properly. Junk removal companies are of great help to individuals and companies that have to deal with junk, and tons of waste and debris, making the task worth every cent paid for it.

But did you know that junk haulers have several stories to tell? After all, they are called often to remove unwanted materials that people do not want to sort through or even inspect. Sometimes they are called to clear out attics, basements, garages and other areas where people store a variety of stuff.


You can imagine what junk haulers handle – from broken toys to worn-out appliances to bulky furniture pieces and more. The items and the volume of junk they handle vary as well. For them, the job can be quite unpredictable.

Facts and trivia about the junk removal business

It is a fact that junk haulers handle waste, debris, junk, and worthless things, but at times, they find other (useful and valuable) things among the rubbish.

  1. The business needs plenty of space

A junk removal business may operate a small office, but they need a lot of space, for their trucks and a warehouse for sorting, storing, recycling or disposing of all the things they collect. The fun part is that they sometimes find beautiful pieces of china, rare vinyl records, collectible toys, war memorabilia, valuable heirlooms and even gorgeous mementos from weddings. Since they have space to sort the stuff they pick up, they can take care of the treasures they find instead of dumping them as trash.

  1. They donate items that are not junk

Junk removal services give back to the community by donating toys, books, clothing and furniture that could still be used. They locate relief groups and area shelters where they bring these still-useful items. Homeowners can ask junk haulers to which charities they deliver the goods they find serviceable.

  1. Junk haulers accept big and small jobs

They are ready to pick up and recycle boxes from your online shopping spree. They can help you tear down and remove lean-tos, sheds and barns, broken branches and uprooted trees after a storm.

  1. You benefit from the varied experience of junk hauling crews

A good junk hauling company hires crew members with different career backgrounds. Some of them have knowledge and experience in being a general handyman, heavy equipment operation, trucking, and mechanics. They have the right training to handle power tools, dump trucks, forklifts, skid steers and jackhammers. They can jackhammer old foundations, clear the area and level the ground as well.

Junk haulers take out your trash and waste materials. But they can do other services, such as moving large appliances and other bulky and heavy items from an upstairs room or third-story storage area. Check out companies providing junk removal St Louis services. They have the tools, the expertise and the muscles to get these kinds of things done – removing dirt and debris from your yard and helping you with logistics.

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