It is not uncommon for people to feel insecure about their teeth. Crooked teeth can offer to deter a person from feeling confident. Although it is nothing to feel bad about as long as you maintain good dental hygiene, a significant fraction of the population inevitably prefers to have teeth that are correctly aligned, and for a good reason.  

Properly aligned teeth minimize dental problems and other complications like pains in the jaw or pains while chewing hard foods that arise due to misaligned or overcrowded teeth.  

If you are experiencing discomfort due to misaligned or overcrowded teeth, or if you are unhappy with the cosmetic appeal of your teeth and smile, then you should consider getting yourself a pair of braces for your teeth. 

However, if the looks of your teeth do not bother you in any way, both in the aspect of oral health as well as a matter of looks, then you are good to go without braces.  

Popular Types of Braces

Let us look are some of the various options you have on the market to choose from if you decide to opt for it. 

Traditional Braces 

Traditional braces are the most popular ones but are not the most comfortable. They were notorious in the early days because it was painful to install them, and the risks of complications were high.  

As time progressed, these braces became more reliable and painless. Although they are not the most comfortable braces, they get the job done.

Traditional braces can be worn by both adults as well as kids. The flipside to them is that you cannot expect an excellent cosmetic appeal. On average, people would have to wear their traditional metal brackets for about two years. 

Ceramic Braces 

These orthodontic tools, called ceramic braces, are just above the traditional braces in terms of looks and comfort. 

The upside to these over the traditional braces is that they are less painful and are hard to notice because of the clear or tooth-colored ceramic.

Unfortunately, the size of the brackets used for these braces is more significant than that of the traditional ones. They also stain your teeth because of the rubber material. Hence, consider getting the best teeth whitening kit to render the stains invisible. 

Invisible Braces 

The cons of most braces are: 

  • They have to be worn over three years sometimes.
  • You cannot remove them at will.
  • May result in complications, and you would have to rush to your dentist under such circumstances.
  • Typically have a poor visual appeal.
  • The cost is very high when you also include multiple consultation charges.

What makes invisible braces so great is the fact that they solve all of the problems mentioned above. They are less expensive and can also be removed at any time. Thanks to the internet, you can also get your invisible braces online from the comfort of your home! 

Some Commonly Reported Side Effects of Getting Braces 

Yes, braces do a fantastic job of reshaping your sparkling white pearly teeth. But they do come with some minor problems of their own depending on the type of braces you have. Here are some of the commonly reported side effects of braces. 


This is common for all types of braces and is especially significant in the case of traditional braces. It is understandable as you are not used to having something in your mouth that is tightly gripping your teeth and moving them around ever so slowly to realign and reshape them.  

This discomfort can be in the form of toothaches, headaches, or both. If the pains are severe, then please visit your doctor at once. 

Eating Becomes Slightly Difficult 

Although you will get used to this, it will be very prominent for the first few days, or even weeks, after getting your first braces. It is common for food to get stuck in your braces while eating, and that can be very frustrating in the beginning. 

Hence, you should be sure to practice good dental hygiene practices, like brushing your teeth regularly to avoid problems. However, in the case of invisible braces, you can comfortably remove them and put them aside until you finish your meal and wash your mouth. 

Decaying of the Teeth 

This is very uncommon after effect but is certainly noteworthy. The leading cause of tooth decay is maintaining poor dental hygiene.  

Maintaining proper hygiene becomes very difficult, especially when you have your braces on because traditional braces cannot be removed at will, and it is very easy for food and any other substance to get stuck in the crevices that manifest itself into unwelcomed dental problems. 

Such is not the case for removable invisible braces because they can be taken off at any time and be worn again without any professional supervision.

Decalcification of the Teeth

Decalcification of teeth is another common side effect that is often seen in people within a few months of getting braces. Just like most of the other dental problems, this too occurs from not practicing the best dental hygiene practices.  

This can be spotted or identified by distinct white spots on the teeth. These white spots occur due to the acid that is produced from the metabolism of bacterial plaque on the teeth. The best way to avoid this is to minimize the intake of acidic foods and drinks like soda beverages. 

Root Resorption 

When a person has braces on for a long time, say, more than two or three years, the roots of their teeth tend to get shorter. This increases the chances of severe dental problems in the long run. Hence, regular visits to the doctor’s clinic are crucial to keeping this in check.  

However, this risk is substantially lower if not altogether eliminated when you use braces that you can remove any time. Invisible braces are a good shot at this one too! 


To get maximum comfort, opt for invisible braces. They also make maintaining good oral hygiene a breeze. However, depending on the condition of your teeth and your requirement, your dentist may advise you otherwise. 

In such cases, proceed by the professional’s advice because it would be more suitable for your particular situation.  

If you have the option to choose any of the braces, then we urge you to do thorough research on various braces, their pros, and cons and then choose the best fit for you according to your budget.

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