This is my TOP, this time it is dedicated to online games. Everyone has their own opinions about it. In this article, I gave the ten best online computer games that impressed me the most.

The list of the best online games includes only Russian localization projects. I do not think there is a point in foreign games that do not translate into Russian. Again, they play a little with us because most of the languages are insurmountable. Registering such games often leads to a number of issues not found in officially translated and officially published MMOGs in our country.

World of Warcraft:

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the number of most popular online games in the world has undoubtedly become a milestone in the history of the game’s construction, but today the project goes backwards.

Fantasy World of Warcraft has about 8 million players using the “paid game” principle – that is, they pay for each month in the game.

Fans of the game claim that Vova’s interest is that you can not only attack gangs and others but also take out your characters and do different things, such as collecting and collecting fish, you can give them a non-combat work. There is also a production system, a number of pets and rides. Generally, today will not surprise anyone, but World of Warcraft is the standard MMORPG. Once in the world, there is a chance to lose reality and stay there for a long time.

It has been since the game’s release 10 years ago. Although the game is different from the original, the picture is outdated. Blizzard has not allowed players to record as many positions in their abilities and technical level of their projects, frankly obsolete as nostalgia, which is very interesting for experienced players. But in our time, the game’s outlook is still unclear. Most likely, in the coming years, we will see that legendary MMORPGs disappear under pressure from new, more serious and modern competitors.

Infestation – Survivor Stories:

Whatever anyone says, it should be among the best online games in Russia. Great graphics and a great world you can navigate yourself and in the car as you force the zombies.

The only major disadvantage of the game is that you have to buy it, but it costs a few cents compared to other paid online games. In addition, you only pay a lifetime subscription, not to mention the famous Warcraft. You will be exhausted before you get tired.

In general, if the theme Summer Apocalypse interests you very much, welcome! You won’t find another MMORPG.

World of Tanks:

Fourth, we have legendary WoT. Whether you are 10 or 40 years old, the strict and uncompromising world of thought cannot save anyone. I think one of the characteristics of the game is that young and older people like to play with it. In Belarus, they have managed to create popular games that play millions of players. Our countrymen especially love the idea.

In the game, as in any free project, there is a donor. I can’t say it hurts much, but for many players, many devices can only be used for real money, which is humiliating.

I like it though because it is very discreet. The fight here lasts approx. 15 minutes, and you can leave them untouchable, which is incredible for those who have too many mothers and women.

But over time the game starts with the table. The main drawback of this game can be described as being too slow to be dynamic. The tanks are slow, and they have to hide behind the hills and other shelters that expand the process and make it boring. Thanks to that, tank knowledge in my best online game are only four positions.

Word with Friends Cheat:

The word with friends is a multiplayer game that looks like the classic Scrabble board game. It is a platform for iOS, android, fire and can also be used on social media. Most rules almost resemble a spelling game with only small differences, such as. Point values and reward tiles.

It uses plugins dictionary (official, aggregate words: 172820) to check if the word is valid. This site can help you deceive famous word games.  Word with friends cheat require advanced functions to fine tune the results.

GTA Online:

Theft, murder, and theft of cars – cannot be done now. The online transfer of the legendary gangster simulator is logical and inevitable. He only waits for this opportunity he comes to!

In GTA Online you have the opportunity to collect gangs, perform tasks with friends and organize planes. You create a character yourself by making a line. Online, your money can be placed in the pocket of the player who killed you, but it is also possible to reward the killer’s head. This makes the game more interesting than normal.

But compared to a single version, the game is cooler than the graphics and has many technical flaws.

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