From Brian McGuire to Daniel Ricciardo, most Australian formula one drivers began dreaming of racing with go-karts. Since the 1960s, Aussies have loved their go-kart experiences from, karting in Sydney to using driveways as circuits for racing; Australian go-karting has advanced a lot.

Karting is open from very young children to adults. Usually, to train professionally in karting, one should be older than six years of age. However, riding the go-karts in your favourite malls can be done even if you are two years old! (As long as you have an adult guarding you.)

What is Go-Karting?

When we visit malls, their play area often has a game of Car Dash. In this game, small, lightweight cars are driven in a small enclosed area. There are no winners or losers! People just need to dash others’ cars with their own! Go-Karting is just a magnified version of that with some modified rules.

The lovechild of F1 and Car Dash, go-karting involves the racing of go-karts. These are small, lightweight racing cars that are driven around a circuit. Whoever reaches the finish line first is deemed the winner.

When taken in a larger context like the FIA Karting World Championship, go-karting follows specific rules. Karting in Sydney, Queensland, Victoria, among others, follow specific rules for safe driving:

  • Torini Air Cover Rules, 2019
  • Operational Procedure Rules and Critical Response, 2018
  • Vintage and General Rule Classifications, 2017
  • Race Prosecutor Duties, 2014

Kart Types:

When it comes to Ace Karts that are meant for racing, there are 4 major models. But these come in suitable speeds for beginners, families as well as motorheads:

  • Rookie Karts: As the name suggests, these go-karts are manufactured for beginners. They have a maximum speed of 40 KM/hr, which is just enough to keep one entertained!
  • 2 Seater Karts: These are usually for families with kids younger than 10. For kids who cannot reach the kart pedals, these karts have an additional seat in which a family member can accompany them. This goes at a top speed of 55 KM/hr.
  • Super Kart: These are expert carts for kids above 12. This is the cart one requires if they seriously wish to pursue racing as a sport in the future. These karts have a top speed of 77-80 KM/hr.
  • Oval Karts: Also card sprint karts, these are high functioning race karts that can achieve sharp turns and banking. They have better aerodynamics than the other karts and larger tires.

Usually, the racing tracks are anywhere between 200 – 410 m. In proper circuits like karting in Sydney and near outbacks, these tracks remain open even in rains, offering a near similar experience to an F1 race! Anybody over the height of 140 – 150 m is eligible to race in these tracks.

Endurance Karting:

For a long time, karting was just seen as a race for fun. Then, Formula One developed to see karting as a competition. In the 21st century, people now utilise karting as a workout! Also called Hyper Karting, go-karts are used as vehicles for burning calories. Typically, these are very similar to Zumba workouts–they are high octane and fast-paced to get your adrenaline pumping.

After a health check-up, only two people are allowed on the racing circuit at a time. With restrictions on distance and lap times, people are made to healthily compete with each other for 20 minutes. With new ‘Grip Drip’ formulas that reduce lap times by 20%, these endurance races are not only affordable but super fun!

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