Pursuing an MBA or finding career options post-MBA could be confusing even though the specialization that you studied via MBA is in demand. There are a lot of career options since MBA is necessary for each and every business. Depending on your specialization, you could search for a dream job or maybe start something on your own, be an entrepreneur.

Today, we will discuss several options for an MBA post graduate. We do realize that MBA is extremely versatile and valuable to any organization including your own if you wish to become an entrepreneur. The career that you would like to pursue solely depends on your skill set, interests, and aspirations. With that being said, let’s check out in demand MBA specializations in the market.

MBA In-Demand

For those of you, who are planning to pursue MBA, choose any specialization carefully. Once you make that crucial decision, you will have to find a career suitable to that stream. Having that MBA in your resume adds immense value to it. The subjects that you study during the tenure of MBA will provide in-depth knowledge.

This teaches how to be innovative, think from various perspectives, and come up with different ideas to ensure that the business prospers over time. In-Demand streams or specialization in the current market which most of the students choose are:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources – HR
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Healthcare

These MBA specializations are offered in various universities. Pursuing any of these would open up a lot of doors to your career like manage, consult, advice and more. We will talk about various positions available for MBA graduates which will help you understand the need of doing MBA to pursue any of these career paths.

Career Options

Every option that we provide will have few skill-set requirements which are mandatory to ensure that you succeed career-wise.  Let’s check out these options:

Management Consultant

This position acts as a freelance advisor to companies. Your main role is to monitor the work environment, business practices and identify any issues. Then, you need to provide suitable solutions to fix those issues without any repercussions. As per the statistics, many management consultants are self-employed and you could provide these services at negotiable prices. You also need to provide plans to ensure that the set goals are being achieved on a timely basis.

Mandate skill set required to become a management consultant are:

  • Management Techniques

Many proven techniques based on the history of that business or industry have to be advised to the clients to improve overall work productivity

  • Salesmanship

Sales techniques have to be altered in case the sales are hindering the growth of the business

  • Public Relations

A negative image of any brand or company will certainly hinder its growth and this has to be dealt with

  • Analysis

A detailed report has to be provided to the client as per their request which will certainly provide room for improvement

Marketing Manager

Marketing is a huge sector with diversified career options in itself. Both offline and online marketing managerial jobs have a lot of responsibilities which comes with huge profits. Some of those roles and responsibilities are planning and executing marketing plans, market campaigns, staff management, conduct market research, analyze data and more. Being in this role, one must be aware of different marketing strategies and should be able to lead team/s  with respect to those strategies.

The mandatory skill set that is needed to be an effective marketing manager are:

  • Marketing

Know the current market status and what is needed by the general populous

  • Public Relations

Able to build an excellent public image for the products and services offered

  • Communications

Effective communication to convey the ideas and strategies to all supervisor levels

  • Analysis

Constant analysis of the market will assist in making subtle changes to the strategy

Investment Banker

Investment banking is an integral part of MBA career options. The main role here would be to assist companies via smart investments and growth by purchasing equity and debt. Banks usually will have their own investment bankers to advise and assist during financial transitions and mergers, however, many seek to ask for a second opinion before making huge investments or mergers. Banks mainly comes in to picture to provide legal paperwork and verify that all the governing protocol is being followed during any or all transactions.

Some of the skill set that is a must for Investment Banker is:

  • Finance

Thorough knowledge in finance and its operations along with governing protocol

  • Communications

Knowing every minute detail with respect to all financial transactions is required to be an excellent investment advisor.

  • Sales

Sales skill is a must since this role is all based on convincing people to invest money

  • Analysis

Expert analysis skills are required to find the difference between a good and bad investment

Operations Manager

The know-it-all position in the company could be considered as Operations Manager. This position has roles and responsibilities like monitoring daily operations, purchasing, inventory, handling different departments, hiring employees and negotiating contracts. Every organization will have their own method in providing roles and responsibilities for an Operations Manager. Multitasking and being flexible will ease things up to being an Operations Manager.

Looking at the required skill set here for Operations Manager, you need to have these necessary ones:

  • Management

Managerial skills in order to maintain the productivity, resolve any department disputes and more

  • Communications

Effective communication skills lead to minimal hassle and improve productivity

Financial Advisor

Being a Financial Advisor to an individual is more common than organizations. Since, this role is better suited to handle financial matters related to a family like invest in smart insurance policies, retirement planning, wealth management, and financial growth. The main role is to advise smart investments and long-term financial planning goals to the clients. Being a financial advisor, you will be held accountable for all financial decisions made by the client only with your consent.

Some of the smart skill set required to be an effective financial advisor are:

  • Finance

Knowledge on finance, investments, policies and more

  • Communications

Communication is the key to a successful investment

  • Sales

Sales techniques are required to convince clients into investing their time and money

  • Analysis

Excellent analytical skills will help in deducing the good and bad investment

What suits your calling?

There are many such positions available for MBA graduates. Based on the specialization, you could choose the one which you like. This will certainly help build your career since you will concentrate better and work with passion by doing the job that you like. Depending on your best skill set and specialization, consider any similar positions in any industry. Good luck!!

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