The Aviation industry is a major source of multiple job opportunities in the Indian market for students who aim to pursue aviation courses and become a professional.  Previously, there were not lots of courses that were available for enabling students can take up various roles but with time there has been the introduction of various aviation courses that focus on imparting required learning to students and along with proper and thorough guidance on grooming aspects. In this article we would highlight the best courses in Aviation that students may select from for pursuing their career after their 12th board examination.

Students aspiring for pursuing aviation courses should note that landing on a high-pay job in this aviation industry depends on a lot of factors. One such vital factor is the institute one chooses to study and the available courses. Thorough research needs to be done in this case. To help out our fellow aspirants, the article lists out various key aviation courses and one may choose as per preference. We have also highlighted aviation courses’ future along with the courses. This would help aspirants in understanding what the scopes of these courses are in the future.

List of Aviation Courses & Aviation Courses Future

1. Diploma in Ground Staff & Training in Cabin Crew

The diploma course in ground staff & cabin crew training has been designed for training up aspirants to take up the roles of Air Hostess, or Stewards on all types of flights. This course duration is usually 6 months or 1 year. Some of the essential subjects that are a part of this course are-

  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Services
  • In-Flight training
  • Safety and First Aid procedures
  • Food and Beverage production and serving

Eligibility Criteria

A student who has passed his/her 12th board examination in any stream is eligible to pursue the diploma course. Also, both male, as well as female aspirants can pursue this course.

Scope & Job Opportunities

All successful students who complete this course may become flight attendants, ground staff, office operators, etc. The average starting salary ranges approximately between INR 4 and 6 Lakh per annum. Post completion of this course, some of the available job posts are-

  • Air Hostess
  • Steward
  • Front end Office operator

2. BBA (Bachelor’s in Business Administration) in Airport Management

B.B.A. course is a three years duration undergraduate course in management. The best part is that several B.B.A. courses allow aspirants to concentrate in some disciplines. Here, in this case, this is a course that emphasizes the effective running as well as the organization of an airport facility. If anyone is interested in improving one’s educational qualification, then one may also pursue an M.B.A. Degree post completion of the B.B.A. program. This course covers the following subjects-

  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Introduction to Airport Management
  • Marketing
  • Safety Management
  • Financial Management

Eligibility Criteria for BBA Course

Students must belonging to the any streams, and passed their 12th board examinations, are easily qualified to follow this BBA course. The minimum marks secured should be 50% in aggregate but often there is no minimum marks barrier in some of the institutes.  Only very few strict colleges maintain the marks criteria.

Scope & Job Opportunities

Post completion of this course, graduates can get appointed at some of the chief Domestic or International Airports. The average initial salary to start with is approximately between INR 3and 6 Lakh per annum. The various job roles that are available with this course are-

  • Staff Manager
  • Administrator
  • Airport Manager
  • Safety Officer

3. Commercial Pilot Training

Amongst all the jobs that this Aviation industry provides, Commercial Pilot training is one of the most well-established and the most rewarding one also. However, this course is quite expensive and can be afforded by very few.

Eligibility Criteria

A student who has passed his/her 12th board examination with Science stream having Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry subjects are all eligible for applying for the course. The lowest marks criteria for this course are approximately 45percents to 50percents marks in most of the training institutions. Besides, aspirants have to pass a written examination, and Pilot Aptitude Test and then also a personal interview for getting selected for the course curriculum.

Scope& Job Opportunities

Candidates having all the requisites and suitably eligible for the course and pursue the course and become a successful Ferry or Commercial Pilots in any Government or Private airlines, or maybe in Chartered Flights, etc. There is also a scope of becoming a Flight Instructor after having adequate experience. The regular opening salary ranges approximately between INR 5 and 12 Lakh per annum.

4. Airport Management Diploma

The duration diploma course is one year and the center of attention of it is mainly on the areas of Airport Management. As compare to BBA, this course does a well job to deal with all the technical facts. However, it is to be accepted that the diploma course does not hold as much value as that of the BBA course. A better choice is to follow a Post Graduate Diploma in Airport Management after completing any graduation course. The essential subjects that are covered in Diploma in Airport Management course are-

  • Cargo Management and Handling
  • Safety and Security Management
  • Staff Management
  • Airport Strategy and Functioning

Eligibility Criteria

The students who are belonging to any stream and who passed their 12th board examinations are easily qualified to follow this 1-year duration diploma course.

Scope & Job Opportunities

Post completion of this course, diploma holders can get hired at some of the major International or Domestic Airports. They are the prime recruiters. The average starting salary ranges approximately between INR 2 and 5 Lakh per annum. Students may get the following job posts-

  • Airport Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Cargo department Manager

5. Aviation Hospitality Diploma

The hospitality sector is considered to be the most customer-oriented sector that immensely deals with all customers most elegantly. The aviation sector requires all qualified as well as skilled professionals, capable of caringfor customers. The duration of this course is one year. Some of the significant topics covered under the course are-

  • Front Office operations
  • Communications Skills
  • Food and Beverage production
  • Foreign Languages
  • Management
  • Computer and IT skills
  • Introduction to Aviation Hospitality

Eligibility Criteria

The students who have passed their 12th standard examinations (in any stream) are qualified to apply for this course.

Scope& Job Opportunities

All successful students may easily get jobs as office operators, cabin crews, ground staffs, office, etc. The regular opening salary ranges approximately between INR 4 and 6 Lakh per annum.

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