PDF file format was introduced in 2008 with the purpose of making students’ lives easier by making file transactions smooth. Moreover, students suffered from their projects being plagiarized by other people. Adobe solved this problem by developing PDF as a read-only format. Over time, companies realized the utility of PDF and incorporated it into their routine operations.

Today, several companies have declared PDF to be their de facto format, which means every official file transaction has to be done in this format only. Additionally, Adobe has been improving the features that PDF has to offer, which makes it even more viable for organizations. In this article, we will highlight the advantages of PDF file format.

E-signature facility

Pandemic forced the world to shut down and shift all its operations to the digital medium. Therefore, all the deals are done online today. Thus, a problem of online authorization arose. Companies that work in the service sector have to authorize all the invoices before sending them out to the client.

Similarly, the legal department needs official signatures on official documents. Also, financial documents like budget, audit reports, etc., need the signature of higher authorities too. Now, in this fast-paced world, nobody wants to courier the documents, get them signed and have them shipped back.

The entire process is too time-consuming. Therefore, some efficient EaseUS PDF Online file editors started providing e-signature services. Now, you can easily communicate within the Editor’s ecosystem and sign all the crucial documents through the touchpad. E-signature has solved the persisting logistical issue with the official documents. Hence, it is only logical to make it your office’s de facto file format.

Easy cross-platform conversion

Each department in a large organization works with different tools depending on the nature of their work. However, all the work has to be circulated in a uniform manner so the hierarchies can scrutinize them easily. Therefore, it is crucial to subscribe to a tool that provides an easy format conversion facility. Moreover, converting a different format to PDF is quite simple. Since PDF is a read-only format, there might be a need to convert the document to editable format too. So, for example, you want to convert a document from PDF to Word, simply drag the file to the PDF editor icon, and choose the conversion option. PDF conversion works just as well. PPT,.XLX, and all such formats.

Adds a protective layer

Every organization has some business secrets that must be protected at all costs. Similarly, there is some client information that is sensitive, and you cannot afford to lose it to non-authorized personnel. Therefore, it is wise to use PDF format for all business transactions.

You can use a PDF editor to add a password to your file and share that password with trusted people only. The password feature provided by Adobe uses an end-to-end encryption method, which makes it difficult to hack. Hence, all your content will remain in safe hands. Additionally, a passcode can also be your litmus test in case of information leakage.

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