Having a big house is a dream of many people, but it’s not always possible. Buying a property is getting more difficult each year because the prices are getting higher. But even if you can’t move to a bigger place, there are still ways for you to gain additional living space. One of the most popular ways to do it is a loft conversion. It’s a great solution to problems with space and a good option to increase the value of your house. So you’ll be investing your money and improving the comfort of your home at the same time.

Find the right windows

When you decide to convert your loft, you need to create a detailed plan of everything that needs to be changed. And one of the first things you should look at are the windows you want to install. The amount of work needed will depend on the type you choose, so you should carefully consider all the possibilities. If you choose your new Fakro roof windows, remember to check whether they are suitable for your roof. There are different models available for flat and pitched roofs. And if you intend for your windows to be the main source of ventilation, you’ll need to think about the right opening options as well.

How to install a roof window

As with every other type of work around the house, you can try to tackle this one on your own. But if you don’t have the knowledge necessary to successfully complete this task, it may be a better idea to just hire professional help right from the very beginning. Roof windows that weren’t fitted correctly can cause a lot of problems later on. And if you consider the costs related to maintaining the right temperature during winters or damage caused by the leaks, it may be cheaper to just pay for the installation and be sure it’s done right. However, if you’re confident in your skills and experience and decide to install your own windows, there are a few steps you need to remember about.

Before you get to work, carefully read the instruction that should be included in the box. It’ll give you detailed requirements and a list of all the elements that will be needed to install the window. Make sure you have all the necessary parts and prepare the tools you’ll need. For your own safety, it’s also advisable to get another person to help you during the installation process. Once everything is ready, you can get to work.

  1. Your first step should be to clean the area you’re going to work in. It’s important to remove all the unnecessary objects that may stand in your way.
  2. Mark the spot intended for your new window and remove the felt and tiles. Remember you’ll need a space that is bigger than your window to fit the flashing as well.
  3. When you clear out the opening, cut the battens and rafters.
  4. Fit the frame into the opening and add the flashing.
  5. After everything is in its place, replace the tiles on the area around the window.
  6. Carefully put the sash back into the frame.

Installing a roof window isn’t as complicated as it may appear at first. But if you have never done anything like this before, it may be better to find someone more experienced to help you. And if you remember about all the aspects mentioned above, from finding the optimal position to choosing the right type of window, you’ll be able to get the job done in no time without any troubles. Then you’ll have just one more task to do – decorate your new space.

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