We all dream of a spectacular home that stands out from the rest of our surroundings. We also want an outdoor that mixes and blends with its arena and neighborhood.

Designing outdoor accents can be a complicated process of color choices and balancing shapes. It is not an easy task for novice designers.

So we all wonder what makes our outdoor accents look very eye catchy and appealing. Well, it is possible by following some essential design tips and need to follow some simple rules of design to make our outdoor accent look attractive to others.

Think about nature and let’s go back to the basics to plan our outside arena.

Let’s look at the five designer tips for outdoor accents:

1 – Bring Nature In Outdoors

Be natural and follow the tips:

Nature is purely a life-force, but it can be a design-force as well. Nature never remains the same as everything is growing and changing regularly.

Our outdoor needs the same pattern and change to look natural. You can make a wooden bench with an old tree which is naturally dry and not growing. Use cut pieces of logs as a chair and long flat pieces to use as a table for outdoors. Bring nature all around you and in your style and let your imagination go wild with nature and break the rule.

2 – Be A Rule Breaker

Here are a few guidelines from nature to follow:

Nature pursues an arbitrary design. The wind grasps seed and deposits it far away from its own home to a new environment. This element of nature is completely random and unintentional, as no one recognizes or knows where the seed will fall and grow.

Bring a piece of outdoor decor that is appealing to you yet you have no clue where to fix it. Choose your pots and antiques to resemble your style and imagination to decor your outdoor. It can be a mirror made up with a seashell around it or a big pot with gold or metallic in color.

You can hang wind chimp in your sitting area which can be made up of flat shells or crystals. It’s your outdoor area, so be unsystematic and trail your own heart. Let the wind take your imagination and inspire you and your outdoor accents.

3 – Some Rules Are Still Purposeful

Some rules you should keep in mind:

Like the Sun rises in the morning and the birds are awakening with its arrival. The moon glows at night brings coolness to our eyes. All this is resolute and deliberate – so the same should be for our outdoor accents. Reflect the same while designing for outdoor lights. Choose the lights that bring you closer to nature.

Ultimately, the functional outdoor is a root of your outdoors designs, and an impractical may cause stress in your outdoor accents. You should lighten up your outdoor area during the summer and spring months with soothing lights. It should not hurt your eyes, but bright enough to lighten your outdoor accents.

During the winter months, consider a warm look for your outdoors with warm lights like sunshine yellow with the brightest led type <do-follow> as this will add life to your outdoors.

4 – Landscaping Is Significant

Some amazing tips are as follows:

We understand that it’s not an easy job to decide what fits best for your outdoors that should also blend with the interiors of your house. Landscaping involves much more than just plunking trees in the outdoors. It requires a lot of patience to plan your landscape.

Natural plants are low in maintenance. Remember that plants near the water area are different from dry areas. So choose your plants which will stay for longer regardless of any weather.

You can add lily pads to fountains and natural ponds. Use planters and shrubs, hanging plant baskets, install a trellis to let natural climbing plants to grow. Few of the instances are like Ivy, Wisteria, and Honeysuckle are beautiful to accentuate your outdoors of home and not just the ground.

Some of the low maintenance plants are Cactus, ground cover plants to shrubbery or pine straw. If you love flowers go for low maintenance plants which will stay throughout the year. All this will give a beautiful look to your outdoor arena. The perfect landscaping doesn’t have to be very expensive, and it shouldn’t require any gardener to maintain it.

5 – Finally Design An Amazing Entrance

Few of the guidelines to ponder and think over while planning:

Be bold to make your entry stand out from the rest of your surroundings. You can go bold by applying a contrasting color that is opposing the shade of your siding of the door. Choose darker and brighter shades than the rest of your house. To make your entrance look more fresh and vibrant, there are few other features to be taken care of. Grow more climbers near the entrance of the door to give a little forest look.

Lights on steps play an important role in the outcome the beauty on the way. Others are there to enhance the looks are plants, doorknobs, door knockers, door rugs and of course porch sitting. They all add to an entrance look more appealing of your house entry.

You can put an Epsom salt in the Mason jar and place a candle in the middle. This will lighten up the steps with a traditional touch. You can replace the candle when it burns down with a new fresh candle. With these factors in place, you will love how you feel more relaxed outside of your house with a welcoming entrance.


All these tips come handy when you plan to design your outdoor arena to look fabulous and attractive. You need a plan and let your imagination start working for the outcome of your home’s entrance. You can also hire a professional if you are ready to shell out money to give the best look to your outdoor view.

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