Having any type of surgery can be a real shock to your system. But after the appropriate amount of time spent resting and recovering, there’s nothing better for your body than to get back into the swing of things by getting your blood flowing and increasing your levels of activity.

However, if you’re an athlete who’s had surgery, or someone who’s used to being physically fit, you might struggle with easing into things. So to help make this a little easier on you, here are three ways to prepare your body for physical activity after you’ve undergone surgery.

Talk To Your Doctor First

Before you begin any type of exercise after a surgery, the very first thing you’ll need to do is speak with your doctor. During this conversation, you should ask if there are any limitations to the physical activity you’re able to do or should be doing.

To get even better information and approval from your doctor, BreastCancer.org recommends that you speak with your doctor about the specific physical activity you’re planning on participating in. By doing this, you’ll be able to get the go-ahead for the exercises you’re planning as well as be able to find out specific adjustments that might need to be made for you as you’re still recovering.

Start With Walks

While you might have visions of yourself getting back to your normal level of physical activity as soon as possible, you’re likely going to have to start out slowly when you first get back into being active post-surgery.

One of the best and first activities you should try, according to Sarka-Jonae Miller, a contributor to LiveStrong.com, is a simple walk. If you’re able to go on short walks multiple times a day, you’ll soon be able to get your blood pumping, strengthen your lungs and heart, and build up your endurance and stamina. While this might seem like nothing compared to the activity you were doing before, this is a great place to start right after you’ve had surgery.

Listen To Your Body

As you start getting more active following your surgery, there’s one thing you should always keep in mind: listen to your body.

It takes time and patience to recover your strength after you’ve been down for a while, so don’t expect to push yourself too much right at the beginning. Rather, Carol Michaels, a contributor to Cancer.net, suggests that you listen to your body and remain flexible in what your physical plans are for each day. If you’re feeling weak or tired, don’t force yourself to do more than you’re able.

If you’ve had surgery and are eager to get back to your previous fitness, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare for this.

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