Homeopathy is a form of treatment that stimulates healing responses and boosts the body’s ability to heal itself. It is a holistic system of medicine.

Homeopathy is the treatment of diseases by administering minute dose of natural elements that would normally produce symptoms of the disease in a healthy person. The essential ingredients used in homeopathy are animal, plant and mineral-based substances. The commonly used substances include herbs, charcoal, garlic, vinegar, and caffeine.

A homeopathic health practitioner normally uses small-sized pills or liquid mixtures (solution) containing only a little of an active agent (usually a plant or mineral) for the treatment of diseases. These are considered to be the highly diluted substances. The acceptance and effectiveness of this treatment is reaching new heights. 

Top Reasons to Opt For Homeopathy Treatment

Here are some of the top reasons why you should opt for homeopathy treatment.

  • Holistic and Individualistic   

Homeopathy understands the fact that every person is unique with a distinctive set of values and physicality. This uniqueness isn’t just confined to the values, but also on the dynamics of the body, and its reaction to the treatment. The level of personalization is quite high in homeopathy, which makes it a favorable medium of cure. People like it as they aren’t given the same prescription over and over again, as in the case of the other healing modes. 

  • Nature-Based Treatment

There is no doubt that homeopathy is all natural. It is fundamentally based on the law of nature —‘Law of Similar’. It is an effective method of curing diseases in an individual by opting different types of remedies. Similar substances are used to cure the disease the same substance may have caused it.

For Instance, if your eyes get watery from a red onion, then it may be used to treat allergies.

  • Patient Friendly

One of the best elements of homeopathy is that the patient will not get frustrated by taking bundles of medicines because in homeopathy, only one particular remedy is monitored at a time, which makes it extremely easy for both patient and the homeopath to carry out a treatment. 

It is worth noting that no matter how many symptoms are experienced by the patient like headache; cramps in abdomen, giddiness etc., and different medicines won’t be given for each of the pain. Only one remedy is overseen which matches exactly to the symptoms experienced by the patient, because homeopathy believes to treat the individual — not every symptom. 

  • Homeopathy Is Really Safe

This is a big USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of homeopathy, as medicines comprise of time-tested healing substances derived mainly form animals, plants, and minerals. Not only this, but the dosage is given in very minute amount, which makes it non-toxic and safe for the patients. 

This is where the difference comes in, contrasting to antibiotics and other medicines, the dose of homeopathy will not at all hamper digestion, will not lower immune resistance, will not produce allergy, and are safe in the long term. 

  • Lasting Relief

The ultimate benefit of homeopathy is in the fact that the relief offered by this facet of treatment of chronic diseases has the lasting impact. This long term relief is obtained because homeopathy treats the particular root cause of the disease. 

This is the role of approach of homeopathy where it addresses the patient’s physical, emotional, and genetic elements rather than combating the disease only. The longevity also depends on the nature of the disease and its cause, the cure via homeopathy may last for a long time, numerous times for over decades. 

  • Works in Harmony

Homeopathy is about achieving harmony. This happens by working on the immune system and gain the lost balance when it is in a diseased state. When the accurate and correct homeopathic medicine is given to the patient, it stimulates the body functions and produces and action, and then the body itself take care of the disease. 

  • Not Tested On Animals

There is absolutely no doubt that humans respond differently to medication than animals. One of the beauties of homeopathy is that they don’t make the animals a testing pad, and respect their right to live. All homeopathic medications and procedures are tested on healthy humans only. 

Regular researches have indicated that the symptoms a dosage consumed over time absorbs in a normal healthy person have proven to be exactly those that can be cured in a person who is ill. 

  • Real Value for Money

In the present era, treatments are becoming expensive, and going out of the reach for a middle-class family. Homeopathic medicines are substantially cheaper than their counterparts. The homeopath, unlike the doctor, will spend a lot of time in digging out the root cause of the problem, rather than going for antibiotics straight away. 

The homeopathic medicines are designed specifically to make the immune system strong, consequently making you fitter and relatively less likely to fall sick again. It definitely saves you from paying large bills. 

The Bottom Line

In today’s society, there are numerous kinds of alterative and organic medicines being used to combat ailments. One of the most effective and less harmful modes of treatment is through homeopathy. It basically involves the administration of diluted doses of substances that causes specific symptoms similar to the ones the patient is experiencing. The results have been pretty impressive and long lasted, which speaks volume of homeopathy treatment. 

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