If you are a blogger and also a mom, you probably feel like you have two full-time jobs. Both can take up a lot of your time and cause a lot of stress and anxieties. And both can make you feel like you aren’t enough or aren’t doing enough, at times. Sometimes you may not know which one to devote your time to while both blogging and parenting are demanding your time. But these feelings are all completely normal and valid, and there are ways for you to balance everything in your life. Here are some of the best tips for moms who blog.

Have A Backup Plan

If blogging is your full-time job and you are able to make a living off of it, that’s excellent! Just remember that the internet is ever-changing and blogging may not be the same five to ten years from now. If you have a family you are probably hyper-focused on your future, so in order to properly plan for your retirement you should have some sort of backup plan just in case blogging doesn’t work out for you or gets to the point where it isn’t a reliable source of income. 

Your backup plan can range anywhere from going back to school to bartending, but whatever it is, having any sort of plan is always a good idea. 

Write About What You Know

Writing what you know is good advice no matter what type of writer you are. If you are a blogger, stick to topics that you are knowledgeable about. This will make your posts more true and relatable and will also allow you to do much less research and take less time writing them! This will maximize your free time and eliminate your stress surrounding creating content.

Make Time For You

Self-care is important, and especially so when you are a busy working woman who also has kids! Every moment seems to be filled with responsibilities. But when you live such a busy life you must remember to practice self-care and make sure you take enough time off to do things for yourself without your partner or children around, and without worrying about blog content or work deadlines. 

Whether you are able to take a day, a weekend, or just an hour, do not neglect yourself or your personal needs. If you feel like you are doing too much for others don’t hesitate to express the fact that you need a little time to yourself. It will help you to be a better mother, wife, blogger, and person in general!

Blogging and being a mom are two very different yet both very challenging jobs. If you are doing them both at the same time, good for you! You are a superhero. Hopefully, the tips above help a little bit to make your life easier, because you deserve that! 

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