Do you want to be a kitchen master? Getting organized in your kitchen will help you save time and energy. This article is full of kitchen hacks that will show you quick tips and tricks you can use to store things away in your kitchen so that the space is more efficient. It’s all about using the space you’ve already got as effective as possible. This helpful guide will show you how to organize your kitchen to make the most of your space, so let’s start with these food storage hacks!

Store kitchen tools on the kitchen walls

Don’t hide kitchen tools away in overcrowded drawers, use them as wall decorations! Kitchen walls look great when adorned with different kinds of kitchen items from wooden spoons to vegetable peelers. All you need is for utensils to have holes in the handle and they’re good for hanging. After that, it is simply a case of hanging a decorative rail on your wall and using S-shaped hooks to hang off the rail and through the holes on your utensils. This doesn’t work with kitchen knives though. If you have some beautiful, well-crafted kitchen knives or some specialist Japanese knives you should store these carefully in knife blocks or in a knife roll.

Place hooks on the inside of cupboard door knobs to store your pan lids

Pan lids can be a huge hassle to store and use. If you have cupboards in your kitchen, this is the perfect kitchen hack for you! All you need are some simple hooks and an adhesive pad or two to hold them in place on the inside of your cupboard door. Then, all you need to do is measure out the size of your pan lids and stick the hooks in the right places on the inside of your cupboard doors. This hack will store them securely out of sight, but they’ll always be to hand should you need them.

Hanging cookware from the ceiling is an easy way get organized

There are a few kitchen hacks that will help you be more organized in the kitchen and, accordingly, better chefs. One of those kitchen hacks is hanging your cookware from the ceiling so it’s easily accessible but out of the way when not being used! In this case, all you need to do is put a rail onto a wall or hammer hooks into your kitchen ceiling at different intervals to store your pots and pans. Green Pans are our favorite at the moment, click here to read some Green Pan Reviews. Alternatively, if you have a kitchen with exposed beams, this is the perfect kitchen hack for you!

Storage containers are essential to keep food fresh longer and make cooking easier

If there’s one thing that will help you be more organized in the kitchen it’s storage containers. Storage containers give us an easy way to store away leftovers and other kitchen bits so that they stay fresh. The best storage containers will be airtight, to prevent anything from spoiling and will be easily transportable for use taking your lunch to work with you.

Storage baskets are a great way to store kitchen counter essentials neatly away

Another kitchen hack is using kitchen storage baskets to store kitchen counter essentials neatly away. All you need is to place some kitchen storage baskets under your kitchen sink so that they hold items like dishwashing liquid, kitchen cleaner, and sponges, etc. This will help keep the area clean while also keeping everything in one place so it’s easy for you to find when needed.


These kitchen hacks are quick, simple, and easy to do which is the perfect solution if you’re looking for ways to organize your kitchen. If you want more kitchen hacks like this one why not check out the Helpful Chef blog.

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