In the world of fitness, there are eternal truths, and we are ready to share them with you. Pros know exactly what to remember about training, so wind on your mustache!

New trends in fitness appear and disappear almost as fast as in the fashion world. But if you are glad to get rid of holey jeans, changes in training trends can be a significant confusion. Fortunately, the main principles of fitness are unchanged. We tell you what all the pros are on.

1. Exercise at least 5 minutes a day.

Even short, but regular loads help strengthen health and improve shape. If you are a trainee and are just starting to practice, do at least a couple of exercises a day. Gradually add one or two exercises – and in a month bring the training up to 30 minutes.

2. Call your friend in the hall

Do you dream never of missing a workout? Draw friends to them. Joint activities with friends, family or colleagues contribute to long-term success in the hall, raising the mood and motivation.

3. Throw away the scales

Forget about kilograms – this is not the only and far from the most important indicator of progress. If you want to keep track of real figure improvements, use a mirror and a centimeter. It is impossible to rely on weight; it can fluctuate noticeably for a variety of reasons. Just buy jeans one size smaller and try them on from time to time.

4. Keep a food and exercise diary

Keep in mind all the essential information is impossible. Write down in detail everything that you did in training and everything you had a snack with. How many meals were there? How is today’s training different from previous ones? If you cannot answer these questions and do not record everything in a diary, then it will be hard to achieve the desired results.

5. Drink-Drink-Drink (water)

Do not wait for dry throat. Many need about 2 liters (a little more or less) – carry a bottle with you and fill it regularly with quality water.

6. Get out of your room

Do not condemn yourself to boring workouts alone – fitness should bring joy and pleasure. The more fun, the better the effect, so try different group classes and participate in team games. This will refresh the psyche, and the figure will be undermined.

7. Get enough sleep

All experts say how important sleep is, but many girls still neglect the night rest. Meanwhile, sleep patterns are critical for both health and weight loss.

8. Do not skip breakfast

Your grandmother was right: breakfast is the most important meal. Starting the day with a decent breakfast, you will not only be charged with energy for your body and soul but also help the body to consume fat reserves. Just eat as soon as possible after lifting to start the metabolism.

9. Be a hunter-gatherer

There is a simple recipe for healthy eating: if you can grow food in a garden or catch it in the forest, eat it. If something comes from a bag, box, or bottle on the table, better refuse.

10. Arise from the table

From a sedentary lifestyle not only posture deteriorates, but the whole figure as a whole. Excess fat, stagnation of blood in the pelvis – do you need it? If not, get up from the table every hour and walk for at least five minutes.

11. Add new loads

If it takes too long to practice the same program, then there will be a great and terrible plateau. To get out of it, it is enough to make small changes to the workout. For example, change the pace: do the exercises faster or slower. You can rearrange them in places or add a pause in the middle of the movement – any innovations will benefit.

12. Train with your own weight

Gradually try new, more difficult exercises. If, for example, you start training with simulators in the gym, then over time, gaining strength, add weight exercises: squats, pushups and, finally, pull-ups.

13. Relate the risks and benefits

“No pain, no achievement” is the motto of the masochist. Weigh all the risks of a training technique or an individual exercise. In fitness regularly appear crazy trends, which then quickly disappear. In general, do not make experiments on yourself and work on proven programs. Always ask yourself: will this exercise help me or harm?

14. Train more effectively, no longer

To work in the hall as it should, you do not need to spend half a day there. Increase the intensity – it is much more effective to improve the shape in the long term. Layout in the hall can be just 15-20 minutes. Try Keto Lean or Healrun a short functional workout for the whole body.

15. Do not train too much

With fitness, you can sort out, so remember about the rest after strenuous workouts. Listen to the body and do not overload it: the muscles should recover after exertion. If you lay out in the gym too often, the positive effect of fitness will be reduced to zero.

16. Ask for help

Ask the experts if you do not understand something. You do not have to know everything, but they have invaluable experience and knowledge that will help you to achieve more. Do not waste time on doubts and searching for information, contact the professionals – this will speed up the process of finding the desired form.

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