The existence of the sciatic nerve starts from the lower back and goes through the buttocks and tighs. Sciatica is an irritating back pain that takes place due to compression, injury, or irritation on the lower vertebrae or sciatic nerve. Ther are some other reasons that can lead to sciatica such as tight, overused or injured muscles.

Sciatica pain can make you feel inflammation, numbness, and tingling on your muscles. It is a pain that comes with a burning, sharp, and throbbing sensation on your leg or back. This pain is so irritating that nobody would like to keep it within their body ever. However, there are Yoga exercises that come in handy when it comes to reducing the sciatica pain that you feel on the back. Let’s know what those Yoga poses are.

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

When it comes to relaxing your body, child’s pose can be one of the best poses. It helps you to stretch your spine by lengthening it. You can have the full flexibility by doing this stretch as it opens up your hips, lower back, and thighs to the maximum.

Stay on the ground with your hands and knees just like a baby. Fix your palms on the ground and lean your hips back to the heels and stretch your body. Extend the arms in the front and let them relax.

Downward Dog

If you need to bring your body into alignment, this stretching exercise is the best. It relieves the tightness and the pain from your back. As you keep doing this exercise, you will ultimately gain more strength into your body as it corrects the imbalances that you tend to carry within your body.

To do this exercise, you have to start on your hands and knees just like the previous one. Then lift your hips toward the ceiling and press your head down the floor. In this exercise, you have to mimic the dog pose. To accomplish these stretches, you will need a mat on the floor. Such health-related products can be found on Halo Health and it’s the right time to Get Your Halo Health discount today!

Half Moon Pose

If you need to stabilize, balance, and strengthen your body, go with this half-moon pose aka Ardha Chandrasana exercise. It brings more flexibility into your body, gets your rid o the tension that you have in the muscles and helps you to reduce the pain as it stretches the thighs, back, spine, and glutes.

To do this stretching exercise, you have to start in a triangle standing pose, keeping your right foot in the front. Then you have to bend the knee a bit more and put your weight on your right foot.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is one of the most common stretching exercises that people do. This strict is very soothing as it stretches the whole spine and helps to promote flexibility and blood circulation all over the body.

To do this exercise, you have to lie on your stomach with your hands under the shoulders. The yo have to squeeze he elbows towards the upper back and lift your head, chest and shoulders by inhaling. Remember to lift your body with the help of your upper back, not your hands.

Nothing can be more profitable than doing stretching exercise aka Yoga when it comes to preventing back pain. These Yoga exercises above-mentioned are one of the bests that you sho9uld do on a regular basis if you want to have quick results in a very short period.

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