In the 1980s, it started becoming more prominent for guys that were weightlifters to start buying and using pre-workout supplements, muscle building protein formulas, and more. However, over the years, it’s becoming more and more popular that rather than eating 4 egg whites, a 10 oz. steak, and 5 oz. of oatmeal or cream of wheat, plus stacking on protein supplements like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, that you can literally get amazing gains with just eating a healthy small meal with some protein and healthy carbs, take a pre-workout supplement, workout, then consume your protein shake.

But what about a pre-workout for women? Are Pre-workout supplements beneficial for them since their metabolisms and bodies are so different? Let’s find out.

Not Just for Men Anymore

Numerous women are frequently dieting, and trying to do heavy cardiovascular workouts, aerobics, and even some are bodybuilders these days. Because of this, they need a little boost just like anybody else, and it’s pretty common for a pre-workout supplement to work for them just like it does for the guys.

Women can benefit greatly by having increased energy levels, recovering faster post-workout, and even have lower rates of getting hurt during their workouts, not to mention the boost in fat burning, fight against fatigue, and increased strength, endurance, and stamina. Some things that are even more readily available in pre-workout supplements that are specifically for working, like helping to provide folic acid for healthier hair and tissue (nails, skin, etc.), as well as increase their actual metabolism so they can burn calories better.

At the same time, pre-workout formulas for women have been known to have additional vitamins that most men’s pre-workouts just don’t have, and this is important because women often suffer from vitamin deficiencies more than men.

So, What’s InThese Miracle Pre-workouts?

One thing to consider is that most pre-workout supplements (nearly all of them specifically) have a decent dose of caffeine in them, equivalent to a strong cup of coffee. However, this is meant to be delivered over time, with its peak being about an hour or two after taking the supplement.

On top of that, vitamin C helps with producing L-Carnitine in our bodies, and L-Glutamine, is one of the most popular supplements that increases metabolism, which is often in women’s supplements. Biotin is one of the pre-workout supplements that have been proven to work together with the many other B vitamins that helps women grow healthier hair, skin, and nails, as well as helps with muscle tissue and increased energy levels, let alone overall health.

L-Carnitine is the primary supplement that you’ll notice in most pre-workout formulas, primarily because of its ability to boost metabolism, energy, fat burning, and so much more.


If you’re a woman looking for a solid pre-workout supplement, you want to make sure you check an online resource for the most positive reviews of pre-workouts on the market. If you carefully do your homework, you’ll find the right pre-workout supplement that works for you, and may be better than others. Some are targeted directly for one thing like energy levels and endurance, while others are more for weight loss. Your best bet is to take a supplement that does all of the above in a healthy balance.

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