As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are safe in their place of work. This is not only crucial for their wellbeing but also makes the environment more relaxed and enjoyable. Every business owner should be adhering to the legal business requirements to ensure that a workplace is a safe place for all those who access the premises each day. In doing so, it will reduce employee illnesses and injuries, maximize productivity and reduce fear. This guide will look at some of the key ways you can enhance workplace safety in the interests of your employees:

1. Encourage regular breaks

Regardless of the industry they work in; all employees should be entitled to regular breaks throughout the working day. This is due to the fact that tired employees are more prone to incidents and accidents – making them less mindful oftheir actions and surroundings and could,therefore, be putting themselves at substantial risk. Ensure that you allow employees to take a refresher every couple of hours and advise that more difficult tasks are completed early on in the day when they’re most vigilant, if possible.

2. Be aware of new safety procedures

While you may have already carried out the workplace’s relevant health and safety procedures, it’s important to keep up to date with new procedures. As the employer, it’s your duty to ensure that employeescarry out regular training sessions when updates are introduced so that they are fully aware of how to keep themselves safe.

3. Keep first aid tools on site

It’s impossible to predict when a disaster may occur;however, it is always best to be prepared for accidents or emergencies so that you can act fast. While risk assessments may have already been completed to protect employees, accidents can still happen, so it would be wise to keep 1st aid supplies on-site should the worst-case scenario occur. While all employees should aim to understand and execute workplace safety procedures, it is up to managers to ensure that should something unprecedented occur, the employee will receive the medical assistance they need.

4. Keep emergency exits clear

It may sound like a no-brainer, but keeping emergency exits clear is essential for the wellbeing of your employees. It’s surprising how an abundance of items can get in the way of exits – ladders, trolleys, and chairs, to name just a few examples. If you notice that emergency exits are blocked, remove clutter immediately from the doorway and surrounding areas. You can never predict when these exits might have to be useddue to a hazard, so always prepare for the unexpected.

5. Adhere to ergonomic standards

Most industries expect employees to sit at desks for hours at a time; however, spending long periods in one position can have an impact on the spine, neck, and shoulders. Employers should, therefore, pay attention to ergonomics, which is the discipline of adjusting equipment to ensure that the body is well supported. The chair and desk should be at the correct height to keep the spine aligned and promote good posture. Failure to do so could result in long-term injury.



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