If you wish to drink some greatly purified water just at the turn of your tap, then you have to apply the proper systems that can adapt to it and fulfill your wish in the best possible way. That’s where the role of the reverse osmosis system for the house comes in. while talking about water purification, reverse osmosis, or as advertised, RO filters, are the best for this job. RO is the latest innovation in this water filtration scenario and water purification technology. The RO combines the best-in-class technology to provide purified, alkaline water to hydrate the body and provide peace of mind.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

These filters come with the RO-5U system or the 5-stage reverse osmosis process to provide purified water with a constant pH of 8+. This method first holds the purified water in a 7-liter pressurized tank. Then it is passed through the final stages of filtration when it is needed, thus transforming it into alkaline water that is fresh, purified, and ready for drinking.

This system is known as the 5-stage system because it takes into account the usage of 5 cartridges in total in the purification process. These cartridges can be named:

  1. Sediment Cartridge – It removes sedimented particles if any are present in the water.
  2. GAC Cartridge –The Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge effectively removes any volatile organic chemicals.
  3. Carbon black Cartridge – It removes any chlorine presence to protect the RO membrane. It also removes harmful organic chemicals and removes bad tastes from the water.
  4. RO Membrane Cartridge– It removes TDS or dissolved salts, metals, bacteria, and viruses from water.
  5. GAC + Alkaline Cartridge– It does the final stages of filtration and refreshes the water in the holding tank. It even raises the water to a constant alkaline pH of 8+.

How is it beneficial to you?

RO provides pure, chemical-free water without unpleasant odor or taste. It makes the water perfect for drinking, and this kind of alkaline water eventually protects your body from absorbing any contaminants found in the chemically treated water.

Unlike standard carbon water filtration, these have advanced membrane micron that removes a minimum of 90.8% TDS from the water. This system even has a Deionizing cartridge to it in addition to the 5-unit RO system that provides an extra stage of filtration to remove the contaminants as possible from the water and thus achieve nearly a distilled water level of purity.

Even though RO has got many advantages to its part, it has a demerit in that it may also remove essential minerals from the water, thus making the water acidic. But to rectify this demerit, a remineralizing cartridge helps raise the water’s pH balance and replenish it with the necessary minerals. The necessary minerals, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, are added to the water to provide great health benefits.

Thus, opting for RO filters would be one of the best choices to make your water drinking healthy and even let you use it for other necessary uses that need clean and purified water. So why wait? Get this reverse osmosis system for the house, and together enjoy the benefits of healthy drinking.

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