Summer is coming, of course, sunglasses can’t be absent! Whether you are out on the street or at the beach, sunglasses are both protective and fashionable, specially when you go out to play. The beach is ready for you, in this summer, start out with a pair of sunglasses for yourself! Check to buy one for you.

The color elements have quietly climbed to the sunglasses to show up, adding a unique sense of style sunglasses. The colored lenses are a must have for sunglasses. You can use it for a few days on vacation, just remember one thing: The color of the sunglasses should echo the color of your clothes.

Sunglasses feature an abundance of square shapes and a light texture. The gold tone metal frame accentuates the green to pink gradient lens. The lens is 100% UV protected.

Don’t worry about being different or afraid to try new things, or you won’t be able to lead the trend. These new styles combined with photochromic lenses transform the classic style into a colorful look. Let you show your unique style

Brown – for UV and IR can be completely absorbed, and the color is not drastic. The change is softer, which can make glasses more comfortable, specially suitable for driving, and dusty or smogy weather.

Gray – the lens is a relatively neutral lens, and it will not change the true color of what you are viewing while not darkening the image.

Green – which belongs to the same neutral color as gray, is strong in light and comfortable for viewing outside. It is suitable for people who are prone to fatigue, but because green will make the surrounding scenery discolored, it is suitable for outdoor wear.

Reflective silver – because the lens surface is coated with high-density mirror, it can reflect visible light more easily, and is more suitable for people who are outdoors for a long time.

Blue – not recommended in daily use, it is more serious for daily scenes, so it is best not to wear deep blue lenses in daily life, but blue lenses can effectively dissolve seawater and sky The light is reflected, so it is more suitable for the seaside environment.

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