After months of battling this pandemic, it’s still with us. It could take a while before this problem is over, especially since a vaccine is yet to get discovered. However, after a few months, we now have enough data to form some conclusions.


One of them is that the virus attacks people in different ways. We know that the older population and those with underlying conditions are more at risk. Given their age and health status, the chances of dying are higher. We also see that children don’t get as heavily affected as the older population. Despite that, they could still be carriers and spreaders of the virus. The point is that there are COVID cases where staying home is enough. It could also be too bad that you need to go to the hospital. These are the instances when you have to rush to the hospital right away.

You experience shortness of breath and chest pain

These symptoms mean that the virus is already spreading throughout your body, especially your respiratory system. It would help if you \went to the hospital since you might have to be under a ventilator. It helps you breathe properly since your lungs aren’t capable of doing it. Some people died because they waited too long before seeing the doctor despite not being able to breathe well.

Your temperature keeps going up

The normal temperature of your body hovers around 36-37 degrees. If you go slightly above it, you might have a fever. It doesn’t mean that you will feel terrible, and have to rush to the hospital. At 37.5, you might still feel fine. However, if it moves higher and it happens rapidly, you need to go to the doctor. Extremely high temperature could lead to convulsions and other unwanted bodily reactions.

Your face starts to change colour

When your face starts turning blue or even your lips changing colour, you have to see a doctor. You’re running low in oxygen, and it’s only a matter of time before you run out of it. Again, this virus affects the respiratory system, and it could be fatal if left unattended.

You suddenly collapsed

Even if you didn’t receive a COVID positive diagnosis, you should still see the doctor if you suddenly collapsed. It could indicate other severe health issues. Losing consciousness could be due to exhaustion, or it could be something worse. Either way, you should go to the hospital to know what went wrong.

You’re coughing up blood

Coughing blood is one of the worst-case scenarios you have to face because of the virus. It means that it’s already deep into your respiratory system, and your organs are beginning to fail. You can’t stay home and pretend everything is okay.

Stay in touch with your doctor

If you still feel fine and you won’t go to the hospital, you can stay home. If asked to buy a pill for the current symptoms, you should do so. The good thing is that you can easily buy these pills and medications, including your amoxicillin purchase online.

However, if things are getting out of hand, you need to leave home and see your doctor.

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