The technology has taken every part of our lives by a storm. Proper proof of that include the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook. Millions of people use them on a daily basis. For a long time, Facebook has been in the lead as far as social platforms are concerned. However, WhatsApp is slowly catching up. If you are one of its users, you understand perfectly where that is coming from. There is a lot of fun. That includes sharing texts, documents, videos as well as images. Equally important, there is changing of the Whatsapp profile picture and status. Posting one’s photos have become old-fashioned. That is where a Whatsapp profile pic life image comes in. Read on to find out more about this new whatsapp trick.

What is Life Images?

A life image is an artistic way of depicting a visual perception of a particular aspect of life. Life images carry a message. It is no secret that life is not always smooth. Sometimes you are up and others you are low. When it comes to social media such as WhatsApp, people share statuses which are mostly about their lives. Recently, people have been using life images to share their life experiences and emotions.

What is Life Quotes?

Life quotes are not that different from the images. Their usage is far much the same. People use them to share their feelings. Whether it is happiness or otherwise, a life quote will tell you the mood once you read it. However, unlike the pictorial strategy of their counterparts, life quotes are written in words.

WhatsApp Profile Pic Life Image

whatsapp profile pic life

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How often do people use life profile pic on WhatsApp?

There are countless times that friends have used life profile pic on WhatsApp. That doesn’t come as a surprise. It is evident that life can be complicated. Fortunately, sharing what one feels at a particular time can weigh the matter down. Sometimes words may fail you when expressing the same. That explains why many people end up settling for life profile pic on WhatsApp. As the wise people say, a picture speaks a million words.


Many people will agree that when it comes to expressing oneself, a WhatsApp status is a great approach. Other than that, it is fun since some people use that platform to share jokes. From the discussion, one can learn that there are more comfortable and better ways to achieve that. They include life images and life quotes. Use them whenever you need to use a life profile pic on WhatsApp because they will hardly disappoint.


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